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Case Study

On this page we are going to outline an in depth client case study. We have numerous SEO studies that we could show you. However, we value our client privacy and we very much limit presenting this level of detail. The client we are showcasing has provided his consent, but we are not permitted to reveal the client’s website or their identity for understandable privacy reasons.

As detailed in the About Us page, Chris Cantell is a world renowned SEO expert and trainer of SEO professionals around the globe. You will find numerous testimonials of Chris’s ability do get Google Page 1 ranking results by visiting the Testimonials page.

Google Page 1 Ranking For Multiple Keyphrases
And 600+ Visitors Per Day In Just 8 Weeks

This case study is for a London based business. The business owner has asked to keep the identity of the company confidential, so we will respect that. However, we can mention the business owners first name. His name is Michael.

First of all, before we go into detail about this study, it is important to identify that this business has a huge amount of competition and also, that London is one of the hardest cities in the world to rank a website in this business sector. So, to get a Google page 1 ranking for any phrases in London for this business is anything but simple!

Our client, Michael, came to us a little while back and asked us to rank his website. At that time, his site was getting virtually zero traffic from Google and as a result, his business was struggling.

Chris looked at his companies’ site and told him that there were so many issues with it both technically and from a design perspective that we would recommend that we rebuild his companies’ site and make it modern (up to date) and optimize it so that nothing else, no competition could even come near its performance.

Michael agreed and shortly after, we had created a beautifully designed website that was optimized to perform.

We then started applying Chris Cantell’s cutting edge SEO strategies where we focused on quality rather than quantity and applied some specialist “secret” marketing steps.

The campaign was hugely effective. Within 8 weeks, the traffic the site received rocketed and went from virtually zero traffic to 600 visitors per day. The screen shot shows the details of the new site within a 2 month window. It starts from the site being recreated / launched and covers 8 weeks of Powerful SEO work that Chris applied to the site.

Google Analytics After 6 Weeks

Ranking Results On Google

The ranking results that Chris achieve for the client were spectacular. We tracked each main phrase and page that we SEO’ed. Here are just some of the ranking screen shots for just a small number of the phrases that Chris was able to rank the client for at rank position #1 on Google: –

Business Search Phrase 1
Business Search Phrase 2
Business Search Phrase 3
Business Search Phrase 4
Business Search Phrase 5
Business Search Phrase 6
Business Search Phrase 7
Business Search Phrase 8
Business Search Phrase 9
Business Search Phrase 10

Chris continued to SEO the client site and later that year was able to achieve pretty much unheard of results for a local based city based website.

The number of visitors the client received went through the roof and peaked to a stable amount of traffic that the client has continued to receive.

So from just a few months that went by since re-developing the client site, through to Chris applying his cutting edge powerful SEO strategies, the client was getting a consistent amount of targeted traffic directly from Google. The client was getting over 70,000 visitors to his business website each and every month.

The screenshot below shows an up to date analytics. You can also see that by far the majority.

Google Analytics 70k visitors per month

Needless to say, the client was over the moon!

He was really pleased, and understandably. He kindly wrote to Chris expressing his thanks and appreciation for the work Chris had done. He also followed up with a voice recording that we would really like you to hear. You can listen to that audio recording under his written testimonial below: –

Michael Intro

Michael Testimonial


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The above client business detail is just a case study that we recorded and have published. This is by no means the only project we have achieved outstanding results with.

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