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ZERO to 70,990 Visitors Per Month in Just 7 Months

We built this client a brand-new website and carried out a bespoke SEO marketing campaign.

The client (Michael), operates in a highly competitive niche in the center of London.

Within just 7 months, the site went from zero traffic to 70,990 visitors per month (2,366 per day).

In the first 12 months of trading, the business, which is 100% dependent on organic Google traffic, achieved a 6-figure income.

Case Study 1st 7 months


Michael Profile

Business Owner

“I went from zero traffic to 2,000 visitors per day in just 7 months.

I didn’t think it was possible to do what Chris and his team have achieved in such a short space of time”

We build Michael a brand-new website for a start-up business in a competitive London based niche.

Within 7 months we were able to generate 2,000 visitors per day. This resulted in Michael’s business generating a Six Figure net profit in his 1st year of business purely from organic Google traffic.

“If You’re Not Ranking On The 1st Page Of Google For Your Main Search Phrases, Your Competition Will Be Getting The Leads And Business That You Should Be Getting"

"This Week Alone, If You Are Not Ranking On The 1st Page Of Google For Your Main Search Phrases, You Will Likely Have Lost Between 5 And 10 Leads To Your Competition, Simply Because Your Website Is Not Ranking On Google"

Case Study Factors & Statistics

Please note: The client has asked to keep the identity of their company / website confidential, so we will respect that.

These are the factors and statistics that we have compiled for this client case study.

  • High competition entertainment niche in the leisure industry
  • Struggling business with a website that had serious issues
  • Client has virtually zero client base
  • Criteria was to achieve best results in the least time possible
  • Based in London – High volume of competing businesses
  • We basically had to build his business and website from scratch
  • The business needed to be 100% dependant on organic Google traffic

Google Page 1 Ranking For Multiple Keyphrases And 600+ Visitors Per Day In Just 8 Weeks

First of all, before we go into detail about this study, it is important to identify that this business has a huge amount of competition and also, that London is one of the hardest cities in the world to rank a website in this business sector. So, to get a Google page 1 ranking for any phrases in London for this business is anything but simple!

Our client, Michael, came to us a little while back and asked us to rank his website. At that time, his site was getting virtually zero traffic from Google and his business was struggling.

Client Case Study

The Strategy

After analyzing the number of issues, the site had, we put together a bespoke marketing plan for the client that included:

  • Creating a new high-performance website
  • Set up a comprehensive internal link campaign
  • Carry out intensive content creation
  • Carry out a high-profile PR campaign
  • Conduct a social branding campaign
  • Carry out intensive content creation
  • Outreach for high authority link acquisition

Traffic Results On Google In The First Few Weeks

Once we got the clients go ahead, we developed a highly optimized and professional website. We launched the site and immediately started executing our bespoke SEO strategy.

Initial results took a bit of time, however, not that much time, because shortly after implementing our SEO strategy, Michael’s site started to gain traction. The multiple pages within the site started to rank for vast numbers of search phrases (long tail phrases initially). We implemented a secret SEO strategy that enabled Michael’s site to be catapulted in rank which after just a few weeks, meant that the site was getting in excess of 600 visitors per day.

The analytics screenshot below shows how the site’s traffic quickly gained traction, and from there, go on to rank in the #1 position on Google for all the clients main keyphrases as well has numerous others.

Google Analytics After 6 Weeks

Ranking Results On Google

The ranking results that Chris achieve for the client were spectacular. We tracked each main phrase and page that we SEO’ed. Here are just some of the ranking screen shots for just a small number of the phrases that we were able to rank the client for at rank position #1 on Google: –

Business Search Phrase Ranking Result on Google number 1
Business Search Phrase Ranking Result on Google number 2
WPO Image
Business Search Phrase Ranking Result on Google number 4
WPO Image
Business Search Phrase Ranking Result on Google number 6
WPO Image
WPO Image
Business Search Phrase Ranking Result on Google number 9
Business Search Phrase Ranking Result on Google number 10

Traffic Results On Google After 7 Months

We continued to SEO the client site and 7 months later, we had achieved pretty much unheard-of results for a local city-based website.

So, in just 7 months, we had developed a new website for the client, and have applied our cutting-edge SEO strategies to achieve many page #1 listings on Google for the client. Many of which are in the #1 position.

The screenshot below shows up-to-date analytics. In addition to the 70,990 per month traffic to the site, you will also see that over 90% of the traffic is organic search traffic.

These results have all be achieved as a direct result from the high-quality SEO that we carried out during the 7-month period.

Google Analytics - 70k visitors per month

Michaels Testimonial

You have read the details of Michaels case study. Now click the button just here to listen to his testimonial about the process

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