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Company CEO Chris Cantell Has Been Published For His Expertise In: -

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Tony pic

SEO Agency Professional

“Chris’s coaching took me from not knowing how to do a backlink 6 years ago, to our digital marketing company soon being listed on the ASX”

Tony became a student where Chris trained him to set up an SEO agency In Australia.

Chris taught Tony his advanced SEO methods and strategies that enabled Tony to build a successful SEO agency which is now listed on the Australian ASX.


Michael Profile

Business Owner

“I went from zero traffic to 2,000 visitors per day in just 7 months.

I didn’t think it was possible to do what Chris and his team have achieved in such a short space of time”

We build Michael a brand new website for a start up business in a competitive London based niche.

Within 7 months we were able to generate 2,000 visitors per day. This resulted in Michael’s business generating a Six Figure net profit in his 1st year of business purely from organic Google traffic.


Search Engine Optimization

We provide a powerful SEO service that works and have been ranking client websites on Google since 2010.

Our strategy is advanced and effective to drive your website’s rank in Google and also to increase your business leads and conversions.

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Local SEO

If you have a local based business and you want that business to rank on the 1st page of Google for your main search phrases, then our services can achieve this for your business.

We execute a powerful / safe process to bring you results in the least time possible

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Website Optimization

As of June 2021, If your website does not load fast on mobile devices, Google will slowly penalize you by dropping your sites rank.

Site load speed is a core ranking factor in Google. It is therefore, essential that your site is fully optimized to load fast on all devices.

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Website Development

Most sites built by other developers are so slow that Google penalizes them right from the start. We develop websites that are built to rank on Google. Site load speed is a critical factor to rank on Google.For this reason, all the sites we develop are amongst the fastest performing sites in the world.

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SEO Case Studies


Take a look at this case study page.

We present a detailed study of one of our client’s website and the SEO we applied to that site.

We show how we were able to quickly generate over 70,000 visitors to his website from virtually zero traffic in just a few months.

Stealth SEO Testimonials


Take a look at just some of the outstanding testimonial messages that we have received from our clients and other SEO Agencies around the world that have followed Chris Cantell’s cutting edge SEO training strategies.


Chris Cantell is the founder of Stealth SEO Solutions, an expert SEO specialist company that gets results.

Chris Cantell is a renowned, world class SEO expert with an impeccable reputation for achieving impressive page 1 ranking results on Google.

Chris is a master in his field and has been training SEO agencies around the world for years with his “secret” cutting edge online marketing strategies.

Now, Chris is bringing these same powerful professional strategies directly to your business in this outstanding service.

You can read more about Stealth SEO Solutions and Chris Cantell by clicking the About button below.

Chris Cantell


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International SEO Coverage

Stealth SEO Solutions provide an international SEO service. We are a growing company that thrives off an impeccable reputation for achieving great results.

We cover the regions detailed below with our full service package, including:

Google My Business Ranking

SEO Organic Website Ranking

Website Evaluation / Audit

Website Design & Development

UK Flag UK
Australia Flag AUSTRALIA
Canada Flag CANADA
New Zealand Flag NEW ZEALAND

We also cover European countries.

However, for European countries, the only service we provide is Google My Business Ranking.

European Flag EUROPE