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Advanced Google Ad Campaign Strategies That Produce The Lowest Cost Per Lead Conversions

We deliver the most professional Google Ads campaign to ensure you maximize your profits by reducing your cost per lead.

Our service is second to none and we ensure that you start getting a good number of high-quality targeted leads in month 1 for much less money than you might have thought.

Why Your Business Needs Google Ads

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On average, business running Google Ads get 68% of their leads and business from the ads

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On average, businesses that run Google Ads get an 8:1 return on investment

“If You’re Not Ranking On Google For Your Main Search Phrases, You Will Be Missing Out On The Leads And Sales That Your Competition Are Getting”

Google Ads Ensures That You Rank For ALL Your Main Key Phrases At The Top Of Google

Our International SEO Agency

Stealth SEO Solutions is a quality digital marketing agency that has been founded by Chris Cantell.

Chris is a digital marketing expert and SEO pioneer that has been ranking client websites since 2010.

He reasonably well known internationally in the He reasonably well known internationally in the digital marketing industry and has trained hundreds of SEO agencies around the world in how to provide cutting edge SEO strategies for their clients

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Company CEO Chris Cantell Has Been Published In: -

Forbes Entrepreneur Inc


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Company CEO (Health Niche)

“We needed to improve the profitability of our Google Ads campaign”

“Chris halved our cost per lead rate and doubled our sales”

"We had been running Google Ads for over 1 year and have been consistently making good profit

We needed to see if we could optimize our ads campaign and were recommended to try Chris Cantell.

Chris worked on our campaign and completely changed everything

We were a bit nervous at first, but Chris’s expertise was amazing. He halved our cost per lead rate and doubled our sales at the same time.

Chris is a marketing genius!”



Google Ads is the main PPC ad service we provide. The reason for this is because it converts the best. However, there are instances where Google Ads may not be the best platform for your business. For example, Bing Ads or Facebook Ads may be a better fit for your niche, service and or products. We will always advise you with what we determine is the best for your business.

Google Ads

Google Ads is the ultimate platform to drive the highest quality leads to your business.

We provide a bespoke service to advise on landing page and process for managing the leads so that your cost per sale remains the most profitable possible.

The way we set up the campaigns is different to most agencies, and it is this complex set up that enables us to typically achieve better results than most other agencies.

Bing Ads

Bing ads are often overlooked and overshadowed by Google Ads.

Bing Ads however, can be a good strategy for any business. The reason for this is because there is still high volume of traffic for main phrases and the cost per click is typically lower than Google which means a focus on Bing ads can produce all the leads you need for a lower ad spend.

We can advise you on best strategy to adopt regarding Bing Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are completely different to both Google & Bing Ads. They are interruptive and appear on Facebook users’ news feeds.

As with all our services, we provide a bespoke PPC service that is tailored, specifically for your business.

We recommend Facebook ads for specific clients where we determine these to be a best fit for your business.

Facebook Ads target prospects very accurately, which means you can get leads and make sales by placing your ads right in front of your target audience.


If you want the best results for your business with the ultimate PPC strategy to drive down your cost per lead / sale then we would love to talk things over with you.

Contact us today or book a free consultation Zoom call by clicking the black “Book an Appointment” button below.


Why use Google Ads?▼

Google Ads is the ultimate lead generation platform. People that click on your ad are actively looking to place an order for your product or service. This makes the people clicking on your ad high quality and targeted.

Also, you can start getting leads right away and you are in complete control of how many leads you want to get each month.

Would we be tied into a contract?▼

We don’t tie you in to any contract. We believe that our results should be good enough by themselves. If we are continually providing you with best results, you will continue to use us.

We charge a reasonable set up fee to carry out the keyword research and to set up the ad campaigns. We then monitor and continually optimize the campaign to achieve the lowest cost per lead / sale results

What budgets do you work with?▼

We work with any monthly ad spend budget. However, prior to you placing an order, we analyse your industry, products / services to identify what your ad spend should be for your given industry.

We then set up your campaign and continue to optimize it so that it converts at the lowest cost per lead for your campaign and business

Can we run our own ads in house?▼

Of course, you can run your ads in house. However, ad campaigns are complex and require expertise in both the set up and management.

A high percentage of our clients have set up their Ad campaigns in house. In every case, we have been able to increase the performance of the campaign significantly. This basically means that we are able to fix the errors that are virtually always made and to optimize to drive down the cost per lead / sale