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Just Some of The Many Testimonials We Have Received From Clients & SEO Agencies We Have Trained in Our Cutting Edge SEO Strategies

The testimonials that are published below are a mix of clients that Stealth SEO Solutions have ranked on Google as well as many SEO agencies that have been trained by Chris Cantell in his cutting edge SEO strategies


Tony pic

SEO Agency Professional

“Chris’s coaching took me from not knowing how to do a backlink 6 years ago, to our digital marketing company soon being listed on the ASX”

Tony became a student where Chris trained him to set up an SEO agency In Australia.

Chris taught Tony his advanced SEO methods and strategies that enabled Tony to build a successful SEO agency which is now listed on the Australian ASX.


Michael Profile

Business Owner

“I went from zero traffic to 2,000 visitors per day in just 7 months.

I didn’t think it was possible to do what Chris and his team have achieved in such a short space of time”

We build Michael a brand new website for a start-up business in a competitive London based niche.

Within 7 months we were able to generate 2,000 visitors per day. This resulted in Michael’s business generating a Six Figure net profit in his 1st year of business purely from organic Google traffic.


Peter Oluka - Pic

SEO Agency Professional

“Following Chris’s advice & strategies has enabled my SEO business to thrive, and my clients are getting better rankings than ever before”

Peter became an SEO student that followed and applied Chris’s training.

He was already carrying out SEO on client websites, but when Peter applied Chris’s cutting edge strategies and processes, his client sites were getting top of page 1 rankings on Google in some competitive niches


Marketing Professional

“I’m actually ranking on Google for a 40,000 traffic search phrase!”

I have tried other SEO’s but nothing has been as effective as your training”

Rahat became a client and wanted to rank his marketing website on Google. He needed it to rank on Google nationally across the US.

After applying our bespoke SEO strategy for his website, we were able to get it ranking for some competitive phrases including Rahat’s main phrase that gets searched for 40,000 times per month


Chris Newton Pic

Marketing Broker

“His attention to detail and the knowledge he has makes Chris Cantell and his company one of the best in the industry”

We have worked with Chris for a number of his clients over the past couple of years and have achieve outstanding results for all his clients and continue to do so.



SEO Professional

“Chris’s training certainly works!

Our site achieved #1 rank on Google in just a few weeks”

Graham is an SEO professional that runs an SEO agency in the US.

Chris provided SEO training for him and his agency. Graham applied the strategy that was appropriate for his site and in just a few weeks, was able to achieve #1 ranking on Google for his main search phrases


Business Owner

"Our business website went from nowhere to the top of page 1 of Googles search results for all of our main search keywords

I am so pleased with the SEO Chris has carried out. We are now getting so many more enquiries as a result. It is quite remarkable"

Lana’s website needed a lot of fixing. However, we completely optimized it and executed an SEO strategy that we knew would work to get their site ranked on Google.

We were up against strong competition in a big city, but nevertheless, after a few months, we achieved page 1 rankings on Google and from there, we pressed on to get multiple keyphrases at the top of the page.


Business Owner

"Business was dwindling and we just weren't getting the enquiries we needed. I knew our competition were getting business from Google searches.

I decided to plough some money in to getting our website ranked on Google. I was recommended Stealth SEO Solutions, so I hired them.

Now, a few months on, the number of leads we are getting has gone through the roof.

Virtually all the enquiries come from Google, and it is all thanks to Chris and the guys at Stealth SEO Solutions"

Emeka contacted us to get his business website ranked on Google. We analyzed his business and carried out a bespoke SEO campaign.

It wasn’t long before Emeka’s site reached the 1st page of Google and in just a few months, our SEO campaign enabled the website to dominate the top of the 1st page of Google for virtually ALL their main search phrases.

Jake Testimonial

“I’m an SEO professional for over 20 years” ...

“As far as expertise goes – I feel like a 5 year old that is learning to count compared to Chris”

"I am an SEO professional for over 20 years, and I have a business that gets close and sometimes over $10,000 per month. I was looking for a way to expand upon that and found Chris.

Let me say this as clearly as I can... after going through Chris's SEO training, the strategies and all the research he's done - as far as SEO expertise goes - I feel like a 5 year old that is learning how to count compared to his knowledge and expertise"

Jake from Maine


Barry Newton

Sales Director

“OMG, Page 1 position 3 for a very competitive keyword,

Chris, you are the MAN, thanks team”

Barry is sales & marketing director for a company that is in a competitive business space. Ranking his site on Google was challenging. However, we were able to execute a bespoke SEO campaign that delivered results and multiple page 1 rankings on Google.

Michaels Testimonial

You have read the details of Michaels case study. Now click the button just here to listen to his testimonial about the process

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