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We Develop And Build Websites That Are Professionally Designed, Beautiful & Technically Optimized

We Focus On Developing Websites That Are Optimized And Ready To Rank On Google For Increase Leads & Sales

Whilst Offering Professionally designed Websites That Look Modern & Stylish

Why Your Website Needs To Rank On Google

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Our Sites Typically Load 10X Faster Than The Global Average Page Load Speed Of Other Sites Which Means, Unlike Other Sites, They Are Positioned To Rank On Google

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Based On Speed Statistics Alone, The Sites We Build Could Potentially Be 2X More Profitable Than If Someone Else Built It

“Assuming You Want A Website For Your Business To Bring You Leads And Help Increase Sales, The #1 Key Factor You Must Ensure Your Site Has Is Fast Page Load Speed”.

“It Is A Fact: Sites That Load Fast Rank Much Better On Google And They Bring In More Leads & Sales Due To Having A Much Lower Bounce Rate (Visitor Retention)”

Our International Website Development Agency

Stealth SEO Solutions provide bespoke website design and development for businesses that are looking for a professional stylish looking design but most importantly, for a website that performs.

Most we developers put all their time and effort into appearance and virtually ALL other web developers totally neglect performance. The result of this is that you get a pretty looking site, but in most cases, the site will be useless, because it probably won’t rank / perform well on Google and the site will probably take so long to load that you will lose a high percentage of visitors / potential customers

We are different. We realize that most businesses expect to get websites that perform, and that is what we deliver by using our sophisticated streamlined coding platform that is ultra-fast and simple to use. Furthermore, the sites look great, making it a “Win Win” for you and your business.

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Company CEO Chris Cantell Has Been Published For His Expertise In: -

Forbes Entrepreneur Inc



Digital Advertising Agency

“The results they achieved were impressive” ….

“I got amazing value for money and am delighted”

I run a digital advertising agency, so cutting edge performance and professionalism is essential for me. So, I contacted Stealth SEO Solutions to develop a website for my business.

I needed a site created that was fast and professionally designed. The results they achieved were impressive. The site is incredibly fast, and the actual design is stylish and professional. I got amazing value for money and am delighted.



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The Screenshot Below Shows Google Page Speed Insights Score For A Site Optimized By Stealth SEO Solutions PSI Score

The Screenshot Below Shows Google Page Speed Insights Score For A Site Optimized By A Typical Website Design Agency

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As mentioned before, we develop professionally designed websites that are positioned to rank on Google, and with that view in mind to ensure the opportunity for increased numbers of leads and sales is maximized. We do this by ensuring that we develop high performing sites where our goal and objective is to gain the highest Page Speed Insight score for your website.


If you want to rank your website on the 1st page of Google, we would love to talk to you about it, so please, click on the BLUE button below and send us a message or click the BLACK button to book an appointment call.


Are The Sites You Build WordPress Websites?▼

Yes, all our sites are built on WordPress.

Do You Design The Artwork Websites?▼

We can design the artwork for the website. We would discuss this during initial discussions.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?▼

There are no hidden or additional costs for the website design and development. We will not spring any surprises on you.

Can You Provide Hosting for Our Website?▼

Yes, we are able to host your website. We provide our clients with our high tec / Specification hosting service. Our rates are extremely competitive, and the hosting is carried out on our “State of The Art” high speed / performance servers.

Is The Hosting You Provide Shared or VPS?▼

We typically offer VPS Server hosting because it offers high speed / performance at competitive rates.

We can offer Shared Hosting if the client particularly wants this. However, we strongly advise against using shared hosting due to security, vulnerability as well as performance issues.

Why Do Your Websites Perform So Much Better Than Sites Created by Other Web Developers?▼

The websites that we develop are designed and coded to perform. Our focus is on performance and so we execute light weight code and CSS.

In addition to this, we utilise our “State Of The Art” optimized processing theme and framework that ensures lightweight efficient coding and processing.

Can You Create Graphical Effects & Interaction on The Website?▼

We focus on a balance between professional stylish appearance and performance. The more effects your web pages have, the slower they become and therefore, the worse they will perform. It is technically impossible to have high performance and multiple effects.

Do You Offer a Discount If We Ask You to Develop Our Website And Do The SEO on it?▼

Yes! We encourage website development and SEO as a combined package because SEO is essential for driving leads and sales for your business. For this reason, we offer a very special discount for our customers that take up this kind

Can You Get Our Website to Rank on The 1st Page of Google?▼

In short, YES! We have been ranking client websites on Google since 2010. We are pioneers in cutting edge SEO and we execute powerful ranking strategies developed by our founder, Chris Cantell, a world-renowned SEO expert