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Why Your Business Needs SEO

97 percent

97% of people have searched online with the purpose to find a local business

70 percent

70% of visitors only check the top 5 results in Google

80 percent

80% of people only check the 1st page of a search results

“If You’re Not Ranking On Google For Your Main Search Phrases, You Will Be Missing Out On The Leads And Sales That Your Competition Are Getting”

Our International SEO Agency

Stealth SEO Solutions was founded by Chris Cantell, a world-renowned SEO expert that has been ranking client websites since 2010.

Chris Cantell is an SEO pioneer and over the years has trained hundreds of SEO agencies around the world how to rank business websites on the 1st page of Google.

Chris’s experience has enabled him to develop advanced SEO strategies that work to give his clients the edge over their competition and to increase their entire site’s search engine visibility.

SEO Agency

Company CEO Chris Cantell Has Been Published For His Expertise In: -

Forbes Entrepreneur Inc


Jake Testimonial

SEO Professional

“I’m an SEO professional for over 20 years” ...

“As far as expertise goes – I feel like a 5 year old that is learning to count compared to Chris”

"I am an SEO professional for over 20 years, and I have a business that gets close and sometimes over $10,000 per month. I was looking for a way to expand upon that and found Chris.

Let me say this as clearly as I can... after going through Chris's SEO training, the strategies and all the research he's done - as far as SEO expertise goes - I feel like a 5 year old that is learning how to count compared to his knowledge and expertise"

Jake from Maine


SEO Audit

We always carry out an audit of your website so that we can determine if there are any areas of the site that need fixing or optimizing.

Sites that have errors or have poor on page SEO detail or are slow to perform will not rank on Google anywhere near as well as they could

Once we have identified specifics, we can then apply the fixes / optimizations to enable and position the site to rank on Google.

Keyword Research

Your website must be relevant for specific phrases in order for the various pages and posts to rank on Google.

We identify key phrases for your business together with other associated “expert phrases” that Google expects to see. From there, our focus is on optimizing the website’s existing content to align the content to be relevant to rank on Google for the phrases we identify during the keyword research process.

Backlink Development

Backlinks are one of the top 3 ranking factors in Google. However, not all backlinks are equal. We carry out in depth outreach to our long-established contacts that have high authority sites in a similar niche as yours.

We also have strong connections in the news industry where we can build high authority news posts that link back to your site.

We have many other bespoke avenues for building your link profile.

Tec Optimization

A core ranking factor in Google is website load speed. In June 2021, Google introduced an algorithm update that would reward sites that load quickly (especially on mobile devices) by increasing their rank.

We consider site load speed an essential optimization requirement. If your site is optimized for speed, it will mean that any other SEO you carry out on your site will have more power and effect.

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization is a core aspect of tuning a site and positioning it to rank on Google. However, too much optimization can have a negative effect.

We have the expertise and knowledge to optimize for best performance without the risk of over optimization.

Our “On Page” optimization will also enable other SEO such as backlink development to have more power and ranking effect on Google

Content Creation

The content we create for client sites is created in line with the keyword research we carry out. We produce high quality well researched content that is expertly optimized to be able to rank on Google.

We can also market the content to attract and build backlinks. We then channel the power and authority the content builds from the marketing to other key pages on your site for even greater rankings on Google.

Custom Bespoke SEO

We don’t offer an “Off The Shelf” SEO package like many other SEO agencies. Packages like these were fine back in 2012, but they are not relevant in the 2020’s because typically, packages don’t focus on the needs of your business in relation to your website’s performance.

We put together a custom bespoke SEO package for your business and website. We get to know your business and understand how your business works. Then, and only then, can we formulate a bespoke custom SEO strategy that provides great value and delivers outstanding results.

Pricing Guide

As each website differs from another regarding SEO, so too will the price to carry out that work. For this reason, SEO packages are irrelevant and they don’t provide value for money because they simply provide a 1 package fits all approach and your website might not need half of what the package provides and may need more of another thing that isn’t provided in a standard SEO package.

For this reason, we DON’T offer set packages. Instead, we provide a cost effective tailored bespoke SEO package for your website requirements so that you only pay for what your site needs in order to rank on Google.

We are aware however, that you would like to know roughly how much we charge for our SEO services. The prices below provide ball park costs based on the competition you are up against in your niche on Google.

Low Competition / Small Town

Prices Start Around:



Per Month

Medium Competition

Prices Start Around:



Per Month

Medium - High Competition

Prices Start Around:



Per Month

High Competition

Prices Start Around:



Per Month

If you are considering digital marketing for your business, we would love to talk to you about it, so please, click on the button below or chat to us in the chat box below.


Does SEO Work?▼

SEO when done correctly has powerful results and increases the rank of your website on Google.

SEO not only works, but it is highly effective in generating more leads and sales for your business.

High quality SEO is probably the most important marketing exercise you can carry out for your business.

How Long Have You Been Doing Client SEO?▼

We have been providing client SEO services since 2010. Company director, Chris Cantell ranked his 1st client site back in 2010. Chris was and still is, an SEO pioneer. The 1st client site was in a highly competitive industry in the centre of London. Within 3 months, that company was ranking on the 1st page of Google for multiple search terms.

How Long Does SEO Take To Work?▼

The key thing to consider, is that SEO works. It is not a scam and it is proven to work and be an essential investment for your business. However, SEO is not a quick fix and it takes time.

Also, the speed of results achieved very much depend on environmental factors such as competition and budget.

We focus on optimizing your website first and building on that with quality “Off Page” SEO strategies where the ranking results are greatly improved by the optimization we carry out.

This strategy enables us to achieve results in the least time possible. Depending on the level and power of your competition, you could see ranking improvement as soon as 3 – 4 months. Typically, you should anticipate an impressive rank improvement within 6 months, although some campaigns can take between 6 – 12 months or more to achieve your goal for your website rankings in Google.

We Are Based In Los Angelis. Does Location Matter?▼

We carry out SEO for businesses worldwide. Many of our clients are based in the US as well as the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There is no geographical barrier to working on a client site anywhere in the world because all work is internet based and geographical location is NOT an issue. We deliver the same remarkable results wherever the business might be, whether it is in Texas, London, Vancouver or Sydney.

Is SEO Worth The Money?▼

It is true that SEO is not cheap. If you happen to find cheap SEO, run from it, because it is not possible to deliver SEO results cheaply.

Having said this however, if you pay for high quality SEO to be carried out on your site, you will be investing in something that will bring your business a huge return on investment. Also, SEO offers great value and is worth every penny for that reason.

Do You Outsource The SEO Work?▼

We don’t outsource our client SEO work. Everything is done in house. Chris Cantell overseas all projects, and ALL the work is carried out by our own experts within their field, within the company so you can be assured that you are continually getting value for money and that we are in control of ensuring your SEO is in the best of hands.

How Often Should SEO Be Done?▼

SEO is an ongoing process. It is a bit like having a dog. If you give him a bowl of food just once, he will be empowered for the day, but if that’s all he gets, his health will deteriorate, and he would die.

Your website, in the same way, should receive continual search engine optimization, whether it is backlink Development or content development or other SEO aspects in order for it to continue to achieve top rankings and where you can cash in on the increase in number of leads and sales your business makes as a result of your website and its performance on Google.

Having said that however, we do often carry out intensive SEO to get a website to achieve best performance in the search engines. We can then reduce that SEO campaign to a monthly custom maintenance SEO package that ensures the website’s SEO profile remains vibrant and doesn’t go stale.

Will We Be Locked In To A Contract?▼

We do not lock you in to any contract. You can cancel at any time. We work on the basis that next month’s engagement needs to be earned. You can therefore rest assured that we will work hard for you month after month.

However, we do recommend that you look at the longer term as it takes time and momentum for the effects of the SEO strategy campaign to kick in. A 6 month campaign is realistic to expect good ranking results.