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Why You Need To Have A Blog On Your Business Website?

Why You Should Have A Blog On A Business Website

A blog is a resource that allows you like no other to attract more and better customers by creating content geared towards their questions and needs.

When people started blogging nearly two decades ago, they generally wrote about their hobbies, travel, or personal life. Since then, blogging has evolved a lot. Social networks capitalized much of the religious habits of the public, while blogs became a preferred medium among professionals and entrepreneurs.

Today, blogging is a highly valued resource for companies that rely on content to boost their business. It is a flexible medium, with wide communication possibilities and easily measurable performance.

In the context of an inbound marketing strategy, a blog is particularly effective at attracting and converting qualified traffic. This means that it can help get more leads for a company.

The Blog As A Web Traffic Multiplier

People spend more and more time searching for information on the internet. They have doubts, problems and needs for which they are looking for an answer or solution online. From what model of shoes is the best to go running to what type of car should we buy if we are thinking of moving to the mountains.

If a post on your blog answers any of their questions, those people can find it, read your content, and become visitors to your website. It doesn’t matter if your company sells tractors, online courses or vegan food: providing solutions to your potential customers’ queries is one of the best ways for them to learn about your products and services and begin to trust your brand.

Also, blogging is very good for SEO. Better positioning of your site in Google generates more traffic, and if the content is adequate, that traffic will be from people interested in what your business has to offer.

How Is Traffic Converted Into Contacts?

For these visitors, the blog is the gateway to your company and its products. Generating valuable content to help your customers solve their problems helps build a relationship of trust.

Someone who comes to your blog after searching online for a solution and finds useful and relevant material there will be more inclined to interact with your site, leave their data in exchange for an offer or contact an advisor.

The blog can be used to offer content strategically. If your business sells construction materials, a technical sheet or an installation guide can help a stranger who is interested in that type of product; downloading that resource after filling out a form with its data transforms it, for your company, into a contact.

A contact is a potential client that we can nurture with information and personalized advice to increase the chances of making a sale. It is someone who, having come to your company on their own initiative, and having found what they were looking for, will be more predisposed to becoming a customer.

Be An Example

Having a blog helps establish a reputation as an expert within your industry sector. If every time someone searches for information on IP telephony, a post from your company appears in the Google results list, they probably consider that your site is reliable and that its content is relevant to what they are looking for.

To achieve this, it is very important to write regularly, emphasizing the quality of the content. It is not about positioning yourself by force, but about making an effort to position yourself. Posting often and intelligently makes you a reference and increases the trust that customers place in your brand.

This, naturally, is good for your sales.

Keys To Good Corporate Blogging Management

Below follows a series of points to consider when implementing a corporate blog.

Write Thinking About Your Ideal Clients

The contents of your blog should be focused on the questions and topics of interest to your buyer personas. In this way, the traffic to your website will be from people who are more likely to read your posts and interact with your site and your offers. Write about the industry, in relation to the interests of your clients, and not about your company, always maintaining an educational communication style.

Post Regularly

Posting frequency is important for the SEO and visibility of your blog. Google and other search engines consider a font to be more relevant if it is updated regularly. Also, keeping your blog up-to-date helps solidify your intellectual authority over what he writes about. One post per week is a good post velocity to start with.

Focus On Quality

Quantity must be balanced with quality. It is very important to write useful articles that are interesting and generate value for your customers. Of course, it is also key that they are well written.

Diversify The Formats

It is increasingly important to diversify the formats through which it is published. Videos, infographics, and slides are three ways to complement your blog content and keep it fresh. In addition, this will give greater visibility and relevance to your ideas.

Give Your Team A Voice

Invite experts from your company to write on the blog. Taking into account the questions and problems of your clients, each member of your team can contribute a different perspective, typical of the role they perform.

Spread Your Efforts

The best text in the world will probably go unnoticed if it doesn’t have a good layout. Therefore, promote your content on the most relevant social networks for your company.

Analyze The Performance Of Your Posts

Tracking the performance of each text is important to detect the topics that had the best impact on your readers. When you find a post that has received a lot of attention, consider recycling it into another format (for example, an infographic) to squeeze a little more performance out of it.

Lean On External Resources

If writing is a problem for you, you can always seek help from agencies that are dedicated to developing content and marketing strategies for your industry. You can also invite external referents to write as guests on your blog.

More Resources

The blog has become a highly valuable professional medium for industries and the B2B sector. It is a communication space where you can interact with your audience, help them resolve their concerns, and even provide after-sales support through manuals, technical sheets, and tutorials.

All of these resources help your prospects and customers get the most out of your products and put your brand top of mind in its category.

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