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What Is An SEM Campaign?

What Is An SEM Campaign

Today the execution of SEM campaigns, are one of the basic pieces of any digital marketing strategy to attract traffic to a website.

This strategy can offer us infinite possibilities for all types of clients and budgets. At Mister Ads we always recommend a minimum budget for everything, and that the final decision is always made by the client.

What Are SEM Campaigns?

The SEM represents the initials of Search Engine Marketing, or it can also be named search engine marketing.

In general, we call SEM the set of tools, techniques and strategies that help us optimize the visibility of websites and web pages through search engine engines.

To know what An SEM campaign is in more detail, we must take into account the best known and most powerful tool to carry out this type of action.

Yes, we are talking about Google Ads, but we can also create this type of advertising campaign in other search engines, such as Microsoft’s Bing.

Advantages Of Using SEM

There is no minimum budget to start investing in SEM. Each client decides what investment he can dedicate, which should later increase as long as the results are profitable. As we said at the beginning of this post, from Mister Ads we recommend starting with a minimum investment of €400 to see solid results.

The creation of SEM campaigns also allows us to have the ability to segment with thousands of possibilities (geographical location, age, predetermined audiences, personalized audiences, bid adjustment, etc.).

With SEM we can also obtain immediate results, unlike the SEO strategy, where the positioning results are usually in the medium to long term, in Ads campaigns our ads will appear in the search results a few minutes after launching the campaign.

Flexibility and dynamism in all types of campaigns that we can introduce changes in ads, extensions, etc. and these will be visible to users immediately. This feature makes it ideal to carry out tests and adapt the configuration of the campaign according to the results that we are obtaining.

Types Of Campaigns In SEM

From Google Ads we can create countless different types of campaigns, depending on the objectives of the campaign itself and the channels where we want to impact users.

Search Campaign

This type of campaign is the most used within Google Ads. You can reach customers interested in your products or services with text ads by driving more sales by displaying text or call ads next to Google search results or on Google search partner websites, among other channels.

Every time a user performs a search with the keywords that we have chosen, we will enter into an auction with other advertisers who have chosen those terms and where it will be decided in which order each advertiser appears in the Google search results.

Display Campaigns

Display campaigns are based on graphically publishing different types of ads on the web. As is the case with Search on Display, they are also shown on Google properties or on billions of web pages that are independent of Google but are part of its Display network.

With the ads we work on, this type of campaign is published on millions of websites on the Google display network, but they are not search engines.

Shopping Campaigns

These types of campaigns are recommended for businesses dedicated to online sales. Although its results can also be displayed on the search network, keywords are not used, but the ads are activated based on the information about the products of your eCommerce.

In order to start creating Google Shopping campaigns, it is necessary to first use the Google Merchant tool to upload the data feeds with all the products that we want to advertise. This feed includes all data regarding products, prices, stock, conditions, etc.

The difference between these ads is that not the only text is displayed but also an image of the product, so the user has much more information about the product before clicking.

Video Campaign

The core functionality of Google Ads video campaigns is showing video ads on YouTube, the second most visited website in the world.

This type of SEM campaign has segmentation options very similar to display campaigns, although with its own video ad formats:

In-Stream Ads: Ads run before, during, or after other videos on YouTube or the display network. These ads are skippable, although non-skippable in-stream ads also exist.

Video Discovery Ads:  Show only on YouTube and reach users in places where they’re discovering content (for example, in YouTube search results)

Out-Stream Ads:  Shown on Google partner websites.

Bumper Ads:  Ads shown on YouTube are non-skippable and last 6 seconds maximum.

In recent years, automation and machine learning have been gaining weight in SEM campaigns. Specifically, application campaigns are one of the types of Google Ads campaigns where it has been most noticed. You just have to provide Google with a few lines of text, 2-3 images, a target cost per acquisition and the system will automatically take care of choosing the audience, making the possible ad combinations and prioritizing the ones with the best results.

Now that you know what an SEM campaign is, you can put your new skills to use!

At Mister Ads we are a Google Partner and specialists in launching, managing and optimizing any type of SEM campaign.

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