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Website Speed Optimization

In June 2021, Google introduced a new update to its algorithm that would change everything for business website owners. This update was known as the Google Page Experience update.

The difference with this update however was not like other updates that Google had previously rolled out. On other previous updates, those changes to the algorithm would has an instant change on web page rankings. The Page experience update however is a “time bomb” waiting to go off!

Google’s Page Experience Quality Score

With the page experience update. Basically, Google gives the pages on your site a quality score. This score is based on how fast your web pages load on mobile devices. Also, your web pages will need to meet a number of other factors in order for your web pages to gain a decent quality score.

The data for this quality score is collected by Google from users all over the world using their Chrome browser. Google measures the data over a 90-day period and this data ends up providing them with a page experience quality score.

This quality score will then probably affect the rank of your pages in Google. If your page quality score is poor, you will drop in rank. If it is good, you will increase in rank if your competition has a lower quality score than you.

It is more complex than this, but in essence, that is what happens to the pages on your website in Google.

How We Increase Your Page Experience Quality Score

Stealth SEO Solutions are masters at website / page speed optimization. Basically, we carry out an assessment on you websites pages and carry out the following: -

  • Red Button Highlight / removal of heavy CCS & Java Script code
  • Red Button Removal of unused CSS code
  • Red Button Removal of unused Java Script code
  • Red Button Optimization of images
  • Red Button Slow server / hosting rectification
  • Red Button Poor website code rewrite
  • Red Button Plugin optimization
  • Red Button Hot linking elimination

Examples of Our Page Speed Optimization Results

Stealth SEO Solutions achieve unbeatable optimization results. In virtually all cases we are able to achieve Google Page Speed Insight performance scores on mobile devices (which is what Google requires) in the high 90% and often achieve a 100% score (this is virtually unheard of).

Here are some examples: -

The examples shown in the screenshots below are home page URL’s for just 3 sites that we have optimized to achieve outstanding optimization scores. Also, these examples are just 3 of over 100 sites we have optimized to achieve results similar unheard-of results as those you see below: - Page Speed Page Speed Page Speed

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Have You Been Optimizing Websites?▼

We have been providing client SEO services since 2010 and optimization has always been a priority focus for our business. We have always recognized the importance of fast page load speed and that poor load speed will have a direct impact on the number of visitors that remain on the web pages which also impact the potential number of leads and sales coming from the website (see for how poor page speed affects leads / sales & profits).

How Important Is It To Have An Optimized Website?▼

It has always been important to have fast loading webpages. Especially if you are reliant on those pages to bring you leads, and sales. However, the speed at which your web pages load now has a direct impact on your rank in Google. Fast loading pages will rank better than slow loading pages (all things being equal).

Here is a post that highlights how page speed affects your business:

We Are Based In Dallas. Does Our Location Matter?▼

We carry out all our services (Website Optimization | SEO | Website Design) for businesses worldwide. Many of our clients are based in the US as well as the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There is no geographical barrier to working on a client site anywhere in the world because all work is internet based and geographical location is NOT an issue. We deliver the same remarkable results wherever the business might be, whether it is in Texas, London, Vancouver or Sydney.

How Long Before We See An Improved Rank On Google?▼

Google assess page speed over a period of 90 days. You may start to see an increase in rank on Google prior to this, but the full assessment will be after 90 days

Do You Outsource The Work?▼

No, we do not outsource the work. All optimization done on our client websites are carried out by Stealth SEO Solutions staff

Will There Be Additional Hidden Costs?▼

There are no hidden or additional costs. The cost given to you in our proposal is the only cost.

How Much Will It Cost To Optimize Our Site?▼

It is difficult to say how much it would cost to optimize your website. Different sites will require different levels of work to be carried out. What we can say is that our costings are transparent, and our rates are very competitive.

How Long Will It Take To Optimize Our Site?▼

Once we have started working on your site, we will aim to complete it in the shortest time possible. The timescale for completion could range anything from one day to several weeks depending on the size of site and the amount of work required to achieve the desired level of optimization.

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