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Our Skilled In House Tec Team Will Be Able To Optimize Your Websites Load Speed & Significantly Increase Its Performance On ALL Devices

Rank High In Google Just By Optimizing Your Site Load Speed & Performance

Statistics Prove That Sites That Optimize Their Sites Load Speed Get More Leads As Well As Increased Income

Statistics Prove Speed Optimization Increases Leads And Sales

The speed at which your website loads directly affects whether or not people are going to wait for your site to load. Statistics show that if your site takes 5 seconds or longer to load, the bounce rate increases by a massive 90%.

This means that if you are dependant on your site feeding your business with leads or sales, you simply HAVE TO optimize your site’s page load speed just to stop the huge loss of revenue your site is currently losing.

Optimal Site Load Speed Statistics

If your site is taking longer than 5 seconds to load, your business will be haemorrhaging leads, sales and profits that you cannot afford to lose

Fast to Medium Page Load Speed Bounce Rate Statistics

Even with a 3 second page load speed, you can see that you are losing a massive 32% of the leads that you could be getting

Our International Digital Marketing Agency

Stealth SEO Solutions is a digital marketing company founded by Chris Cantell, a world-renowned SEO expert.

Since 2010, Chris has been an SEO pioneer, developing and formulating powerful marketing strategies to apply for his international client base.

Stealth SEO Solutions adopts a core principle within the business to deliver the highest level of quality and professionalism in all aspects of the business

The company has been ranking business websites to the top of Page 1 of Google since 2010. In recent years, we have been included website development and speed optimization which is now a core part of our business.

We can achieve impressive results from our website speed optimization service, so please contact us if you would like to know more.

International Digital Marketing Agency - Website Speed Optimization

Company CEO Chris Cantell Has Been Published For His Expertise In: -

Forbes Entrepreneur Inc



Business Owner

"My business has a large number of websites and we are 100% dependent on these sites rankings on Google. In recent times, one of our sites had been dropping in rank significantly for all main search terms. One of the key aspects for the decline was down to the fact that the site was really slow.

Stealth SEO Solutions carried out a major website overhaul which made it ultra-fast. Since then, our rank on Google has increased for all our main search terms and we have also found that our conversions and income have also increased since the speed update”.

Blake approached us and asked us to update their website and to improve its speed performance.

We discovered a number of issues that we fixed and were able to completely revamp the site where we increased the speed from a Google Page Speed Insights score of 32 and we now have a score of 98

What SEO Solutions Can Do For Your Website Speed

The technical set up and “on page” detail of your content can all affect the performance of your website and the speed at which your pages load on different devices. Also, it is not just your own website that can cause pages to load slowly. A shared server, for example will have a slower performance that a VPS (all main things being equal).

At Stealth SEO Solutions, we can analyze your site and its technical set up to identify the cause of any poor performance. We can put together a plan for you that we can execute to greatly increase the site performance and make the pages load fast.

With Stealth SEO Solutions, you get professional results from a professional service you can trust.

  • Website Server Analysis
  • Image Optimization
  • Plugin Optimization
  • Hot Linking Elimination
  • Poor Website Code Rewrite
  • Rremoval of heavy CCS & Java Script code
  • Removal of unused CSS code
  • Removal of unused Java Script code

Average Website Page Load Speed

From over 5 million web page test that were carried out by website analyst Backlinko, it was found that the average page load speed for desktop came to 27.4 seconds on mobile devices, which is the criteria that Google accesses page load speed. The average speed on desktop is 10.4 seconds.

These speeds are really bad. Google require a site to load within 3 seconds on mobile devices. This means that if your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you will not only be losing visitors based on visitor behaviour statistics, but your rank listing in Google will likely start to drop as Google increase the rank of your competition that have faster loading pages.

Global Average

International Average Page Load Speed Statistics

5.2 Million Web Pages Were Tested For Page Load Speed

The Average Page Load Speed On Mobile Devices Is A Massive 27.4 Seconds

Source: Backlinko

Our Average

Stealth SEO Solutions Average Page Load Speed Statistics

The Average Page Load Speed On Mobile Devices Of The Sites We Have Optimized Is An Impressive 2.4 Seconds

Examples Of A Few Sites We Have Optimized For Speed & Performance

Page Speed Insights - page load speed
PPage Speed Insights - page load speed
Page Speed Insights - page load speed

Website Speed Optimization Pricing

We don’t offer set pricing packages because each site is different, and each site has different factors that will need fixing or factors to work on / improve.

Also, the size of a site will greatly affect the costings, so we will talk things over with you and advice to what we think is best for your site.

The pricing detail below is there to help provide some level of indication of costing. It may or may not be helpful, but it will give you some indication: -

Small Sized Site

Guide Price:

$500 - $2,000

Medium Sized Site

Guide Price:

$1,000 - $5,000

Large Sized Site

Guide Price:



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“Since optimizing my site, my rankings in Google are continually increasing…

… so too is my income.”

Blake was making an impressive income from his blog. However, over the past year, his site has been dropping in rank because his site was so slow.

We fixed the site and achieved impressive load speed. A few months later, his site started increasing in rank on Google, as did his income as a direct result of the optimization.

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