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Website Hosting

Award Winning High Speed Website Hosting Servers

If you have a website, then you also need to have it hosted on a server so that the world can see your site and visit it.

Selecting the right website hosting service is of huge importance. Make the wrong choice, and your website could end up performing badly on various devices such as mobile, desktop or tablet devices. You could have a highly optimized website developed to perform, but if you select certain kinds of hosting services, your site could suffer.

Which Website Hosting To Choose & Which To Avoid

There are two kinds of hosting we recommend, depending on requirement and website size.

These are the two we recommend: –

  • Red Button High Speed VPS Hosting (Server)
  • Red Button High Speed Dedicated Hosting (Server)

High Speed VPS Hosting (Server)

This is our recommendation for the majority of clients. The VPS hosting is basically a dedicated server that is compartmentalized and dedicated to a small number of clients.

A high speed VPS server is extremely powerful and can easily cope with the demands placed on it with just the small number of users sharing the server.

As the server is shared by a few other users, the price is also shared. This enables the hosting costs to be kept low, whilst at the same time, delivering high performance. The value offered therefore is huge.

The Stealth SEO Solutions hosting service we offer is award winning and the servers are state of the art with the highest specification and speed to ensure your website performs on all devices. These servers enable your website to “fly”.

High Speed Dedicated Hosting (Server)

The High Speed Dedicated Hosting is the best hosting you can get. It offers all that the VPS hosting provides, only it is exclusively for your website.

As such, it is a lot more costly than a VPS server. However, there are instances where a dedicated server is required for a website and where a VPS is not going to be sufficient.

Big companies that have equally big websites and or vast amounts of traffic coming to their sites. They will require dedicated hosting.

Sites such as Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, BBC, CNN Etc, these all use dedicated servers and lots of them to cater for the volumes of traffic and size of their websites.

If your website is going to be exceptionally big, like thousands of pages / posts and or you expect to have hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site per day or per week, then you will need to have a dedicated server.

Like the high speed VPS hosting mentioned above, we also provide award winning high speed dedicated hosting. These are also state of the art servers with the highest specification and speed to ensure your website performs on all devices.

Hosting To Avoid

This is the hosting you MUST avoid! It is known as “Shared Hosting”

Shared hosting is basically a dedicated server that is shared by a huge number of other users. As a result of the number of users sites crammed in to the server means that the weight of the mases of poor quality / optimized sites will ultimately affect all sites on that server. As a result, shared hosting is often slow in performance.

The reason why people choose shared hosting is purely down to cost and ignorance. They typically think “a server is a server” so we will just go for the cheapest. As a result, the performance of their website suffers and ultimately, it will be a lot more effort and costly to rank that site on Google, so shared hosting offers the worst value for money and will be the costliest form of hosting in the long run if you take the costs associated to rank a website on Google.

Use Our Award Winning High Speed Hosting Service

If we create your website for you, we will host your site on one of our Award Winning High Speed VPS Servers. You will get the best value for money with this. Of course, if your website requires Dedicated Hosting, we will let you know that in our assessment.

If you already have hosting and would like to move your site over to our servers, then we will be happy to migrate your website for you. We won’t charge you for doing that. You will then be able to benefit from our exceptionally competitive hosting costs.

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