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Website Design

If you are a business owner or if you are the person responsible for getting a website developed for your company, then I can not stress enough how important it is that you make sure that your site is designed and created to have the following aspects set as the most important requirements: -

  • Red Button Must be Mobile 1st Compliant
  • Red Button Must be developed to Google Core Web Vitals Requirements

There are other factors that might be important from a design perspective for your business. However, in most cases, a website is required to be the business shop from on the internet where you can display your services. If this is the case, then you need traffic going to that website.

The number 1 source of traffic by a mile is Google. If you want to harness that highly targeted, high quality buyer traffic that Google can send you, then you need a website that is outstanding according to the two points mentioned above.

Mobile 1st and Google Core Web Vitals are requirements that Google has put in place as a base line that all websites MUST meet. Websites that aren’t built to meet these requirements will receive a low quality score from Google. Sites with a low quality score will struggle to rank as more and more sites are developed that are compliant.

Mobile 1st Compliant

This is not to be confused with mobile responsive as a lot of people assume. Mobile 1st is a requirement where Google now ignores the performance and responsivity of desktop versions of a website. It is only interested in how a website performs on mobile devices.

Most sites at the moment are not Mobile 1st Compliant. However, as more and more sites are built and get indexed, if your site is not Mobile 1st Compliant, then your site will have a handicap, and your rank in Google may take a lot more effort to rank on Google and will become harder and harder to maintain rank in the longer term.

Core Web Vitals Compliant

Like Mobile 1st, Core Web Vitals is a performance requirement that covers aspects such as: -

  • Red Button Website load speed on mobile, table & desktop devices
  • Red Button Time it takes from when a user clicks on the search results to the point where the user can interact with the site
  • Red Button Other loading criteria from a speed perspective
  • Red Button Of course, Google will be looking mainly at your site’s performance from a mobile perspective, to be in line with its mobile 1st criteria

The screenshot taken below is from Google’s "Page Speed Insights" for the mobile version of the home page of this website Page Speed

This score is an outstanding score for a website home page for mobile. Before hiring a company to develop your website, you must ask for examples of websites they have done for their clients and then you enter their domains into the Free Google Page Speed Insights tool and check the score their websites get for mobile.

Also, check out the performance in Google’s Page Speed Insights tool for the web developer’s site. If they can’t get their own site to standard, then they won’t be able to do it for you either.

Here is a screenshot from a “leading” web development company in London. This is just one that we did at random. You can and should do the same test on any web development company yourself and then choose from a company that can deliver – like us for example. Page Speed

As you can see, the score is 35 out of 100 and is NOT Core Web Vitals Compliant. This means that now the Google Core Web Vitals (Page Experience) algorithm has now been rolled out, this site will likely suffer in the rankings as the weeks and months roll on (unless all its competition have similar poor performance).

The point we are trying to make is that you can gain huge advantage here by simply being the best in your field, in your trade. You could have a website developed by us and it will be ultra-high performing which will mean your site will be so optimized that it will be positioned to rank on Google with least effort.

Unbeatable Website Design / Development Prices

We can create an ultra-high performing, optimized website for your business just as has been mentioned above. We consider our rates to be unbeatable for such a professional service. You may be able to get a “cheaper” website built elsewhere, but you won’t find better value anywhere period!

One of the ways we are able to provide such great value is because we have created highly optimized website templates. is just one of the templates we have. You could have a high performing site that is laid out just like this site is. Of course, you can choose your site colours and have the site designed to your own business.

There are many other designs that we have and we are adding to these all the time. The screenshots below are sites that we have based just some of the templates around (Our templates look identical in design to these): -

WPO Image
WPO Image
WPO Image
WPO Image

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Sites You Build WordPress Websites?▼

Yes, all our sites are built on WordPress.

Why Do Your Websites Perform So Much Better Than Other Web Developers Sites?▼

The websites that we develop are designed and coded to perform. Our focus is on performance and so we execute light weight code and CSS.

In addition to this, we utilise a state of the art optimisation processing theme and framework.

Are There Any Additional Hidden Costs?▼

There are no hidden or additional costs for the website design and development. We will not spring any surprises on you.

Is The Hosting You Provide Shared, VPS or Dedicated Server Hosting?▼

We offer VPS or Dedicated Server hosting for our client websites. In most cases, we provide VPS hosting because this offers high speed / performance at competitive rates. Our dedicated servers are for very large client websites.

Regarding Shared Hosting, we can offer this if the client particularly wants this. However, we strongly advise against using shared hosting because there are a number of issues that can arise including security, vulnerability and performance issues.

Do You Design The Artwork for the site?▼

We can design the artwork for the website. We would discuss this prior to you giving us the go ahead to proceed.

Can You Get Our Website To Rank On The 1st Page Of Google For Us?▼

We certainly can provide a great SEO service for you so that we can work on the external search engine optimization aspect of the site.

We have extensive experience and world class results in this area.

Do You Provide Hosting For My Website?▼

Yes, we are able to host your website. We provide our clients with our award winning hosting service. Our rates are extremely competitive and the hosting is carried out on state of the art high speed / performance servers.

Do You Offer A Discount If We Ask You To Develop Our Website And Do The SEO On It?▼

Yes! We offer a very special discount for our customers in Exeter and Devon that ask for this.

We want to partner with you so that we can help you maximise your leads and income. By helping you in this way, we also help ourselves because you will likely remain working with us for the long term which is what we want ideally.

For this reason, we will offer you something that you will find to be of great interest. We will discuss this in detail when we talk about your requirements.

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