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We Design & Build High Performance Websites Technically Optimized To Convert & Rank On Google

Most Website Developers Just Focus On How The Site Appears On A Desktop Computer And Give Zero Consideration To The Sites Speed Performance. As A Result, Those Websites Neither Rank On Google Nor Convert Very Well

Our Focus Is To Create Websites That Are Professional, Stylish And Sites That Will Load Ultra-Fast So That They Convert And Rank Well On Google

Why You Need One Of Our Websites

10 Times Faster Website

Our Sites Typically Load 10X Faster Than The Global Average Page Load Speed Of Other Sites Which Means, Unlike Other Sites, They Are Positioned To Rank On Google

2 Times Faster Website

Based On Speed Statistics Alone, The Sites We Build Could Potentially Be 2X More Profitable Than If Someone Else Built It

"If You Want A Website Built That Focusses On Special Effects, Then We May Not Be The Right Website Developers For You.

However, If You Need A Website Created With The Purpose Of Ranking On Google And To Bring In Leads And Sales For Your Business, Then We Are The Only Website Design Company You Should Be Looking At".

"It Is A Fact: Websites That Have A Fast Load Speed Will Rank Much Better On Google Than Slower Websites. They Also Convert Better And Generate More Leads & Sales Because They Have A Much Lower Bounce Rate (Visitor Drop Off)”


Why You Should Choose Us

Stealth SEO Solutions is a Devon based website design and development agency offering a professional website build service to businesses in Exeter, Devon and throughout the Southwest.

We provide a bespoke design service for businesses that are looking for a stylish design and most importantly, for businesses that are looking a website build that has edge over other websites to rank on Google as well as being able to convert leads and sales.

We create highly optimised websites. The sites are all built on the world's most popular platform: WordPress. The sites we build are developed using ultra-light weigh, high quality code that performs all functionality as standard WordPress but at a fraction of the time. This enables the site to load extremely fast on all devices.

Virtually all other website developers that we have come across pay zero attention and detail to speed and performance. They are only interested in what the site looks like on desktop computers. Of course, when the client sees the site on their desktop, they may well be delighted. However, the fact is, based on international statistics, those sites will not convert well, and they probably won't rank well on Google either because they are slow to load.

We create stylish websites that are ultra-fast and that are simple for you to use and add content to as you grow your site.

Exeter Website Design

Company CEO Chris Cantell Has Been Published For His Expertise In: -

Forbes Entrepreneur Inc



Digital Advertising Agency

“The results they achieved were impressive” ….

“I got amazing value for money and am delighted”

I run a digital advertising agency, so cutting edge performance and professionalism is essential for me. So, I contacted Stealth SEO Solutions to develop a website for my business.

I needed a site created that was fast and professionally designed. The results they achieved were impressive. The site is incredibly fast, and the actual design is stylish and professional. I got amazing value for money and am delighted.



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The Screenshot Below Shows Google Page Speed Insights Score For A Site Optimized By Stealth SEO Solutions

Page Speed Insights - page load speed

The Screenshot Below Shows Google Page Speed Insights Score For A Site Optimized By A Typical Website Design Agency

Page Speed Insights - page load speed


As mentioned before, we develop professionally designed websites that are positioned to rank on Google, and with that view in mind to ensure the opportunity for increased numbers of leads and sales is maximized. We do this by ensuring that we develop high performing sites where our goal and objective is to gain the highest Page Speed Insight score for your website.




“I am really impressed”

“I will use them again… Great job!”

I’m a blogger a friend recommended Stealth SEO Solutions to me to design my blog.

They were very patient with me and created my website really quickly.

I love my site; the design is very professional and just what I wanted. Also, it is so fast. I am really impressed.

I will use them again… Great job!



Do You Build The Websites On WordPress?▼

Yes, the platform we use for all our sites is WordPress

Do You Design & Create The Artwork For The Websites?▼

We are very flexible and can carry out any artwork you require. Also, if you have your own artwork and would like us to use that, we will do that

Are There Any Hidden Costs?▼

We do not hide any costs. We will provide you with a proposal to create your website. There will be no other hidden costs to surprise you with.

Can You Provide Hosting for Our Website?▼

Yes, we can host your website. We provide our clients with our own high tec / Specification hosting service. Our hosting costs offer super value at extremely competitive rates. The hosting is provided on our “State of The Art” high speed / high performance VPS servers.

Why Are Your Websites So Much Faster That Those Created By Other Website Developers?▼

The performance of the sites we develop are to a high standard because of the software we add to the WordPress platform. The software we use streamlines unused and bloated CSS & Java Script code that so often slows websites down.

In addition to this, the software cleans up unnecessary code and optimises the performance of the entire core engine of WordPress. In addition to this, the software optimises the images to reduce their weight which also helps enhance load speed and performance.

Other website developers either use platforms that are loaded with extensive code and are therefore slow in load speed and performance, or they use WordPress but do not have access to the software that we implement.

Can You Add Multiple Visual Effects To The Site?▼

Our focus in developing websites, is to provide a balance between how the website appears and how it performs.

The more effects that you add to a website, the slower it becomes. Special effects might look nice, but they have a heavy effect on website load speed and performance. For this reason, we try to keep special visual effects to a minimum because in virtually all cases, they are unnecessary, whereas performance and website load speed is a necessity.

Can You Provide A Discounted Deal For Website Development And SEO Service Combined?▼

Yes, we can absolutely provide you with a discounted deal if you order a website together with our SEO service of package deal

What Areas In Exeter Do You Cover?▼

We provide all our SEO services throughout Exeter, including: –



Beacon Heath

Countess Wear



Exe Island

Exeter City Center



Friar’s Green

Haven Banks


Livery Dole

Lower Wear

Marsh Barton












St David’s

St James

St Leonard’s

St Sidwells

Industrial Estates

Matford Business Park

Marsh Barton Industrial Estate

Sowton Industrial Estate

Greendale Business Park

Exeter Business Park

Main Post Codes






As we are based in the Exeter area, we have a strong connection to the city. However, we also cover ALL surrounding towns throughout Devon and the Southwest.


If you are thinking about getting a website created for your business and you would like to talk about it to find out more information, we would love to talk to you and provide a “No Obligation” consultation call.

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