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SEO Voice Search: What You Need To Know

SEO Voice Search What You Need To Know

Thanks to the popularity of virtual assistants, the demand for voice search has increased significantly. In this article we explain everything you need to know about this ingenious way of searching the internet, through orders made to technological devices, with your own voice, keep reading!

The Increase In Demand For Devices With Voice Command Functions

Several years have passed since Amazon Alexa was launched on the market, one of the causes of the increase in voice search. Currently, smart speakers are very popular, capable of receiving many orders through the voice of the users. The giant technology companies: Google, Amazon and Apple are responsible for providing the largest number of devices for this market.

These brands offer products such as Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri, which are increasingly compatible with devices of any kind, and thus have many more possibilities of being part of users’ lives. It is a reality that there are many statistics that speak about the voice SEO search phenomenon, although most agree on many things.

The numbers point to the fact that these types of searches are on the rise, possibly at a slower speed than you might think, but the demand for these systems is increasing. In the same way, user searches are conditioned to certain topics, that is, the amounts in which the service is used varies according to the topic.

What Types Of SEO Voice Search Are Performed?

In order to clarify this issue, we must first establish, what is really an SEO voice search? We refer to the different ways in which this style of action can be performed. Should the user get audio results? Namely, in order for it to qualify as a voice search, he must obtain a spoken result through a smart speaker, or will he be able to obtain visual results on a screen, after having made the query on the Internet?

Similarly, there are other variants, how should any action performed on a device through voice commands be considered as a search? Good examples could be adding meetings or making orders to the device aurally. The most solid answer is that it depends on whom you ask these questions.

Similarly, search types can be classified by certain types of actions:

  • 20% of searches on mobile devices, in addition to the mobile application, are performed through audio commands.
  • 48% of users use their voice to search the internet.
  • Statistics indicate that almost two thirds of consumers carry out their searches by voice, from their mobile devices.

Advantages Of Doing Searches Through The Use Of Voice

A person can write an average of 40 words per minute, while statistics indicate that they can speak about 150 words. In this way it is clear that information can be transmitted in a much faster way, with audio commands. It’s no wonder that the demand for this style of feature is on the rise these days.

On the other hand, we have the investment made by large companies, in matters such as semantics, local accents and other types of words, which guarantee the best results when performing this type of action on their devices. Thanks to these advances, it is now possible for search engines to easily understand naturally constructed phrases.

These functions are very useful when you need to ask short questions and get quick answers. A good scene is a moment when a driver is stuck in traffic, they don’t have a lot of time to spend searching for an address on their mobile device, the most efficient thing is to perform a search through voice command, In the same way, we can find many other advantages in the use of SEO voice searches.

There Are Limitations When Performing SEO Searches By Voice

It is true that technological progress and the different investments of large companies have made it much easier today to obtain accurate results when speaking to a device. But there are certain limitations when creating sentences that are too long, so users should understand that at least for now, the best way to make use of these functions is through short sentences.

In the same way, there are some functions that, despite being automatic, should be reviewed. Applications such as Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) or Apple Maps sometimes do not update quickly enough and can return erroneous data, such as opening hours or locations that have recently changed.

Not taking care of the way you talk to the device can also result in some difficulties with your search. Remember that when we speak, we do it as if we were conversing, or transmitting the information to another person, so you could end up expressing to the device “Plant care”, instead of more logical searches, how; “How to take care of plants?”.

In Conclusion, Voice SEO Searches Are A Great Option Today

Beyond smart speakers, there is currently a wide range of technological devices capable of understanding audio commands and performing actions on browsers through these functions. Although there is still a long way to go, without a doubt, it is a function that is increasingly used by the public.

The possibilities are endless, in the same way that less than a decade ago it was practically impossible to believe that a mobile device could understand certain phrases, right now we can only use our imagination to understand the processes that they will be able to carry out in the future, without a doubt only we can continue to enjoy the existing benefits today and wait for what they can offer us later.

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