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SEO For WooCommerce: Tips To Position Your Store

SEO For WooCommerce Tips To Position Your Store

What is the purpose of an online store? Sell ​​more, right?

Well, to achieve this, in addition to setting up your e-commerce, you will have to position it so that it has visibility in search engines. And for this you just have to follow these tricks that we are going to give you about SEO for WooCommerce.

Of course, we understand that before getting down to work you will have already done the basic positioning homework, right? We refer to the study of keywords. Well, if you haven’t done it yet, nothing happens, we explain how to do it in this post. But then it comes back, eh? We have to continue with the rest of the tips.

Web Structure And URL Customization

Well, you already have your keywords prepared and ready. Now you must determine the search patterns of each of them. In this way you will be able to identify the taxonomies and you will be able to rank them little by little. Now group the products of your store into categories and subcategories to shape the structure of your online store. Do you have this step right? So, we continue.

Having a good web structure and customizing the URLs to be friendly are two basic SEO tips for WooCommerce.

So, take a look at the URLs of an online store that is well positioned, whether in your sector or any other.

Do you see? Well, in general, you will find friendly URLs, that is, they are semantic and perfectly understood, whether you are SEO or not.

Also, those URLs will surely contain the keyword and probably won’t be endless or have a lot of weird symbology. Ok, so you have to get to that too in your online store. That is, you have to customize the URLs.

Categories And Product Sheets

With some e-commerce website URL structures, you a layout like this:

Or better:

Considering that one of the key SEO tricks for WooCommerce is customizing URLs, shouldn’t there be a way to replace that /category and /shop? Especially considering that they are an essential part of your business…

Well! yes, there is. Go downloading the Premmerce Permalink Manager for WooCommerce plugin now because it is going to become a good ally.

In addition to letting you customize the URLs from pe to pa, it gives you other positioning features that you are going to love. And all for free!

However, you will find some WooCommerce templates that will not let you customize your precious product sheets or categories as much as you might like.

You can define the design of each of the pages, the way in which the products should be displayed or the number of them that would be better to appear per category.

However, on the other hand, it also offers you the possibility of incorporating texts in the categories (perfect to incorporate all the KW you want) and different design options for tablet, mobile or desktop. Yes, yes, we are thinking the same as you: you are already taking time to get hold of her.

SEO Plugins For WooCommerce

Well. You already have a web structure. Also, you have personalized URLs for your online store. Great! Now it’s time to use some top plugins to take your SEO positioning one step further. Check these out: –

Yoast SEO

The king among WordPress SEO plugins, hands down. And it will also come in handy for your e-commerce because it is very intuitive and has frequent updates that make it an increasingly complete tool. Seriously, if you can only pick one WooCommerce SEO plugin, stick with this one.

Math Rank

Although this plugin is relatively new, it has crept in among those that we consider top to work on the positioning of your online store. This escalation is due to the fact that it offers endless SEO functionalities that will help you, in the same way, to be among the first search results.


Do you have multilingual e-commerce? Well, you’re already taking a long time to download this authentic marvel. We have to pay? Yes, but it is worth it. This tool will allow you to optimize the pages individually for each of the languages ​​and, in addition, it is compatible with the plugins that we mentioned before.

But that’s not the point, because it is also capable of incorporating hreflang tags automatically. These tags are what “tell” the search engines that the web has versions in different languages come under the basis of an international SEO strategy.

And wait, because if all this had not convinced you, check this out… it comes with WooCommerce Multilingual, an essential plugin for an online store that sells internationally. Why? Well, because it allows you to determine the language during the payment process in each case, assign a currency to each language or carry out a follow-up of the stock without the need to segment the products by language.

Now you know how to take advantage of SEO for your WooCommerce both in one language and in several. Get to work and enjoy the results. And if you still have any questions, leave us a comment, and we will answer it with a thousand loves.

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