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We carry out a cutting edge SEO analysis of the client website and then execute a powerful strategy that works for every client to enable their site to rank on the first page of Google within their specialist industry.

If you want to rank your business website on the 1st page of Google, then you are going to need the very best online marketing strategy and one that enables your site to cut through that of your competition. This is our expertise. This is where we excel with the service that we provide.

Stealth SEO Solutions is a boutique, online marketing SEO agency that is based in the heart of Exeter city centre (EX1). The company has an international reputation for delivering the highest standard of SEO and achieving impressive page 1 rankings for it’s clients.

Stealth SEO Solutions is directed by world renowned SEO expert Chris Cantell. Chris will personally take care of the SEO for your company’s website.

Chris Cantell’s SEO expertise has been discussed and published by leading world class publication companies, including Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc.

Chris is well known in the SEO industry and has personally trained many SEO agencies worldwide through his SEO Agency Training Program.

So you can rest assured that the marketing of your website online couldn’t be in more expert capable hands.

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What Digital Marketing Services Do I Need

Each company may have a different requirement. All businesses, however, will need a website if they want to have a slice of the huge amount of leads that are available from online searches on Google.

If your company has a website, it will need to rank on Google if it is going to drive leads and make your phone ring.

To ensure that your website is visible by people searching for your services or products that your business provides, will mean that your website will need to comply to Googles specific guidelines and requirements.

Website Audit

The first step we do in all cases is to carry out an in depth website audit to identify any non-compliance and to identify areas that need optimizing. These are the areas we check on your site:

  • Red Button Website Load Speed Analysis
  • Red Button Identification Of Factors Reducing Website Performance On Devices
  • Red Button Technical Analysis Of Website
  • Red Button Identification On How Technical Aspects Can Be Optimized
  • Red Button On-Page SEO & Content Audit
  • Red Button Off-Page SEO Audit
  • Red Button Keyword Research & Competition Analysis

Website SEO

The next step after the comprehensive website audit is to rectify the issues that were identified during the audit. In all cases we have ever looked at, the websites have always had issues that needed fixing. Those issues typically range from simple optimisation right through to serious technical errors. In all cases, the fix of these issues will position the website to rank well on Google.

One the site is tuned up and fully optimized. The next step is to commence with our powerful, cutting edge SEO strategy. This strategy is bespoke and tailored to each client website. However, in all cases, we carry out our most powerful SEO to ensure that your site moves up the ranks in Google. The goal is to gain the website with multiple page 1 rankings for buyer phrases that people are searching for to find what your business provides in Google.

The Website SEO services we provide include: -

  • Red Button High Quality Press Release
  • Red Button Outreach Link Building
  • Red Button Social Outreach To Build A Social Buzz
  • Red Button Authority Link Building To Establish Domain Authority For Your Site
  • Red Button Content Creation

Other SEO Services we provide include: -

  • Red Button Google My Business (GMB) Listing Setup
  • Red Button Google My Business (GMB) Listing Optimisation
  • Red Button Citation Audit
  • Red Button Business Directory / Citation Building

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Have You Been Doing Client SEO?▼

We have been providing client SEO services since 2010. Company director, Chris Cantell ranked his 1st client site back in 2010. A highly competitive industry in the centre of London. Within 3 months, that company was ranking on the 1st page of Google for multiple search terms.

Do You Outsource The SEO Work?▼

World renowned SEO expert and director of the company, Chris Cantell, caries out all technical and strategic SEO work. Our own staff work under Chris to the exact bespoke strategy that Chris has put together for your firm’s SEO.

We don’t outsource any of the SEO. Everything is done in house. However, we are aware that a lot of agencies either outsource to a cheap Indian outfit (for example), or hire a temporary low cost student to gain work experience.

We don’t believe that you would be satisfied with that. We surely wouldn’t! After all, a client that is paying a relatively large sum of money for a professional service would surely want the best staff working on their site.

Are There Any Additional Hidden Costs?▼

There are no hidden or additional costs. The cost given to you in our proposal is the only cost.

How Long Before We Rank On Google?▼

This depends on your budget for the SEO work carried out. The higher the budget means that we can execute a more extensive and powerful strategy. Another factor that may also affect the time it takes to rank your website is the state it is in just prior to us starting to work with you. If the site needs a lot of remedial work, that may affect the time it takes before you start seeing results.

However, you should start to see the benefits of the SEO campaign within the first 3 months typically, where your online visibility and website key metrics are is increased, together with your rank on Google.

The first 3 months are the key foundational months in which we build month on month thereafter, and where you can start to expect an ongoing increase in rank on Google for your main searched for phrases that bring you in the leads.

Why Do Costs From Other Agencies Vary So Much?▼

Many people assume that all SEO company’s do the same job as if it were like stacking supermarket shelves. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some agencies might charge £90 per month. However, another agency might charge the same company £1,000 per month. The fact that the figures are so different shows that the £90 per month agency is not going to deliver anywhere near the same as the £1,000 per month agency for the same client.

We don’t aim to offer the lowest price and we are not interested in being a “cheap SEO agency”. Our costs are based on our clients work requirement. We are competitive in our offering but our aim is to be transparent and for the client to be assured that they are getting great value.

Will We Be Locked In To A Contract?▼

We are aware that a lot of online marketing / SEO agencies do lock their unsuspecting clients in to long term contracts. The problem with those contracts is that once you are locked in, the SEO agencies often relax and then fail to deliver on their promises.

We do not lock you in to any contract. You can cancel at any time.

We feel that this is unethical, and we do not tie clients in to any such contract if they wish to engage us.

We work on the basis that next month’s engagement needs to be earned. You can therefore rest assured that we will work hard for you month after month.

However, we do recommend that you look at the longer term as it takes time and momentum for the effects of the SEO strategy campaign to kick in. A 6 month campaign is realistic to expect good ranking results.

We Are Based In Dallas. Does Our Location Matter?▼

We carry out SEO for businesses worldwide. Many of our clients are based in the US as well as the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There is no geographical barrier to working on a client site anywhere in the world because all work is internet based and geographical location is NOT an issue. We deliver the same remarkable results wherever the business might be, whether it is in Texas, London, Vancouver or Sydney.

How Often Do You Provide Reports?▼

Each month we provide a detailed ranking and progress report so that you can see the affect your SEO campaign is having on your Google rankings.

Client Testimonials

We have an impressive client testimonial page. We are really proud of what we have been able to achieve for our clients SEO. If you want to see what our clients think about our service and ability to rank websites and drive valuable leads, then please click on the Testimonial button below.

SEO Case Study

In addition to the amazing testimonies, we have also published an in depth client case study. The study is about a client that came to us to rank their website. The reason why we are studying this client SEO project is because our approach is different to what virtually every other online marketing agency in Exeter or anywhere else for that matter, would have advised.

The solution was unique for this particular client, so this is by no means the course of action for all client websites. However, the client approved the strategy and gave the go ahead.

You can see the stunning results that were achieved in this remarkable execution of SEO expertise.

Click the button below to view the case study.

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