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SEO Content Tip: How Condensed Content Can Boost Your Rank

SEO Content Tip How Condensed Content Can Boost Your Rank

With the constant evolution of the Google search algorithm, the move to the Mobile-First Index and the rise of AMP, writers need to reduce the number of bloat words and start writing for people, the algorithm is something to consider, but the usability of the web has become an increasingly important point for the positioning of a website.

We Need To Perfect The Texts In A Clear, Concise And Convincing Way.

Google has already announced that its “algorithms will primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages on that site.”

Google’s ranking systems have traditionally analyzed the desktop version, the one viewed on a desktop computer, of page content to assess page relevance. After a while, where the Google AMP open source, project is already deployed and working, we are already seeing a change on the web.

If you have a responsive website, you have no reason to worry. However, if you have an incomplete mobile version of your website or you have much less content for a mobile version than on your desktop site, it will have a negative impact on your ranking in Google.

First Of All, Things You Should Know About AMP

When you’re on mobile you get to the point, and the AMP project tries to serve that basic content as quickly and cleanly as possible.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an open source, technology developed in part by Google that allows you to optimize the loading time of your site when users access them from a mobile device.

AMP is based on a stripped-down version of HTML that prevents some external resources, extensions, and third-party JavaScript from loading, thus decreasing load time. Instant loading is great for users, great for SEO, and therefore great for businesses.

In early 2016, Google began directing users to search results pages in AMP, placing them in the top section of search results. Since then, the progress of the AMP Project has given us a clear picture of where we are headed in the years ahead.

In the event that there is no mobile site, which means there is only a desktop version and an AMP version, Google clarified that it would index the desktop version by default, at least for now.

This is a surprise, as the most mobile-friendly version (in this case AMP) was supposed to be the one chosen for indexing. So, we will have to be attentive to this point.

The Difference In Mobile vs Desktop Content Format

We are well past the point where optimizing the user experience for mobile was just something that e-commerce companies did.

Today it’s a necessity and for your content, that means less is more.

Adopt Condensed Content.

While someone sitting at a PC probably has more time and larger screen size to absorb your website content, a user accessing your website from their phone only has a “stomach” for small “bites” of: text, images and graphics.

“A critical component of mobile optimization is trimming your website content to be concise without losing its intended meaning or impact”.

Here’s how you should approach your condensed content project:

  • For headlines: With the loss of screen real estate, your headlines need to be in the right place. You must be precise and direct.
  • Shorter paragraphs: Go through your desktop content and create a summary of each paragraph. Short and cute. That will help you get rid of all unnecessary “fluff” and minimize content that is not attractive to mobile users.
  • Do More and Say Less: Go from boring, clunky content to compelling calls to action. This may be a good time to brush up on your CTA skills.

Clear And Concise Writing Is More Important Than Ever

It is clear that reducing content rather than condensing content is not the way to go.

You can lose the value and meaning of your texts and damage your SEO ranking.

So, when you set out to condense your content and optimize for mobile, remember these quick tips:

  • Write directly and simply: A lot of “fluff” doesn’t help the urgency or importance of your message. Try to avoid very complex sentence structures and academic phrases, instead write clearly and concisely.
  • Use an active voice: Unless your market requires “etiquette”, an active voice is always more likely to engage your audience than the use of passive language. It makes people feel involved in the conversation and you will establish a closer relationship with your reader from the beginning.
  • Strong verbs win: Active and reflexive verbs are what bring your texts to life. These verbs create that story in your reader’s mind that he will easily remember.
  • Write as you talk on the phone: Many business emails are anything but direct. We tend to think that the more elaborate our words are, the more impressed the person “on the other side of the email” will be. This is not really the case, you must be clear or precise, do not use “bolt” phrases such as “after the matter previously discussed”, simply write the way you would speak to someone on the phone. This is a great rule of thumb to keep the tone professional but not too formal. For example. you can write, “As I said in my last email” is something that everyone understands.

Use Condensed Content To Your Advantage

Since Google included Panda in the basic algorithm, many SEO specialists recommended removing the content of the website that was scarce (Thin content) to avoid being penalized.

However, that could get you into more Positioning trouble. A better way to protect your page is just the opposite: add specific, useful, high-quality content and keep doing it gradually.

Staying away from the common triggers of a Panda penalty is also good advice:

  • Similar content: Multiple pages on your website that talk about the same service or product, share parts of your content, and target the same keywords.
  • Spammy content in your user comments or forums.
  • With ads that ruin your user experience when browsing your website. (I have a lot to learn from this)
  • Having an excess of affiliate links cluttering up your website.

So, if you are a content writer: Abbreviate in simple but powerful words that make your website highly relevant to users, both on desktop and mobile. That will put you “eyes on” SEO and could even help you improve communication with your target audience.

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