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How To Optimize The Quality Score Of Your Ads On Google

How To Optimize The Quality Score Of Your Ads On Google

Improve the quality score of your ads so you don’t waste time and money.

The quality of an advertisement is an estimated assessment of the experience that a user will have when interacting with the advertising piece. There are different factors at play, such as the relevance of the content in relation to searches, the probability that a person will click on the ad, and the landing page experience.

Generally speaking, ads with a higher Quality Score perform better, so it is very important to regularly analyze the pieces and adjust them so that the campaigns do not lose relevance.

Key Factors To Take Into Account?

  • The structural organization of campaigns based on keywords.
  • The quality of the keywords and the landing pages, in relation to the searches and interests of the users, the identification of the most relevant keywords and others.
  • Negative keywords, which work to better determine the search intentions that interest you and the efficiency of the budget.
  • The extensions, which increase the possibilities of leads and visibility.
  • The constant measurement and analysis of the key elements of the campaigns: keywords, budget allocation, strategy, effective landing pages, search terms.

Let’s take a closer look at these tips.

Organization Of Campaigns

It is very important that you organize your campaigns and ads well. For search-based campaigns, it’s a good idea to create keyword ad groups.

For example:

A campaign to advertise a consulting service can have two large groups of keywords. On the one hand, they can be all those related to the area to which you dedicate yourself, let’s suppose it is institutional communication:

  • Communication,
  • Communication Consultants,
  • Communication For Companies,
  • Communication Area,

It is important that the keywords are analyzed in strategic terms for the commercial objective and the public that we want to reach. On the other hand, you could create another ad group with a different focus in terms of keywords: copywriting for companies, institutional copywriting, wording, content strategies, for example.

Structure Benefits Analysis. It helps detect results and issues to improve so that the campaign is strengthened. In the following sections, we will continue to look at this aspect, mostly with negative keywords.

Landing page optimization

The characteristics of the landing page are one of the great variables that influence the quality of your ads.

Google scores your ads based on three things: landing page user UX, ad relevance, and expected CTR (click-through rate).

As Google explains on its support page:

Landing page user experience “is how relevant and useful your landing page is to users who click on your ad.”

Ad relevance, on the other hand, “indicates how closely the match is between your ad and the intent behind a user’s search.”

Expected CTR “indicates how likely your ad is to receive a click when served.”

In the first point, you have to take into account that the content that your landing page is relevant to users.

On the other hand, optimization in terms of loading time and easy navigation is also important. User waiting times are getting shorter every day.

Finally, the content has to include as many keywords as possible from the set you defined in the ad settings. Otherwise, it is possible that the piece will be penalized and also lose possible leads.

Some tips to improve the conversion and the level of the campaign:

  • Use the main keyword in the title of the landing and in the text below.
  • Use the main keyword in the URL.
  • Use secondary keywords naturally in the rest of the text.
  • Make a short and simple URL.
  • Use a simple, clear wording and not so long paragraphs.
  • Use forms, and keep in mind to make them concrete and invite a particular action, such as “Download now”.
  • Analyze if your texts are attractive.

Keyword Management

After about a month or so, keywords that don’t work will show up easily. Google Ads Quality Score is largely affected by this performance.

In general, campaigns start with many keywords. Many times, especially when it is a new product or service or with which we have no experience and history, creating ads that way is easier. But the important thing is not to maintain a passive attitude. Over time, the most relevant words begin to appear by differentiation: the difference between those that perform better and those that do not will be clear. Cleaning the latter and adjusting the agreement towards more specific levels is essential to better direct the budget and adjust it in pursuit of a better ROI.

Negative Keywords

If you have a clear strategy and have found and tested a series of keywords that work for it, it is likely that you also know the opposite: the words for which you do not want to appear in the searches, that is, the negative keywords. This is another way to supplement the effectiveness of the budget.

Although you know the terms for which you do not want to appear directly, it is also important to do the work of analyzing which were the terms for which you spent the budget and did not bring results. These can also be part of the list of negative keywords since they represent a wasted expense.

If you exclude these two types of terms, the quality of your campaign is much more likely to increase.

Ad Extensions

Extensions can be included in search ads that allow more information about what is offered and about the company (and without cost). They are the spaces that appear below the search and are also hyperlinked to click. This helps improve visibility and adds higher quality to the ad.

Do you see the difference between the first ad, the second and the ones you are used to seeing?

The three types of extensions:

  • Sitelink extensions allow us to add extra hyperlinks that redirect the user to other landing pages. For example, in the second ad in the image, in the “Frequently Asked Questions” tabs and so on.
  • Callout extensions allow you to add more text than normal and is displayed depending on the type of device the user uses.
  • Site snippet extensions are linked headers or values ​​that display below the ad itself. They are clear in the first ad.

Steady Steps Forward

It is important that, from the moment you make the changes, you wait two or three weeks to see the results and keep yourself in continuous analysis. In that time, you give Google’s algorithms room to work on the ad and display the results of the optimizations.

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