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How To Do Local SEO To Rank On Google

How to do local SEO To Rank On Google

Most companies are concerned with having greater visibility on the internet and a better online reputation, for this reason, they put themselves in the hands of a local SEO agency.  Only a good professional will know how to promote actions and create a strategy to reach the Google search engine.

In this sense, it is necessary to focus on a city, region or province to give greater visibility to a business. The idea is that when a user does a search, the keywords and an adequate work methodology have been incorporated so that the client’s company comes out in the first position.

The Advantages Of Local SEO In Business

We start from the basis that SEO aims to optimize search engines so that a company has a good position on the internet. Obviously, Google will calculate a series of factors to determine the type of result and the order in which it is displayed. It is good to keep these concepts in mind to achieve a good digital presence.

On Page SEO

As its name indicates in English, SEO on Page takes into account a series of factors to position the content. The first thing that will be checked is if the site is indexed in Google.

Local Landing Pages

These types of web pages have been designed with the aim of attracting customers to a local market based on a specific location. For example, if a company has different locations, it is best to define a local destination for each geographical area.

Geolocation Of Images

This local SEO technique has become very important in recent years. The main reason is the change in Google algorithms. The more personalized the images are, the more options there will be to position yourself in the best positions.

Google Business Profile

There is no doubt that including the business on this platform offers many benefits. You just have to fill out a form and add all the company information so that the closest users have the opportunity to locate it more easily.


In this case, we refer to the local SEO citations where the name, address, phone number or website of the company appears. In addition to Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), it can be a local directory, a blog or a page like Trip Advisor, among others.

Local Link Building

This technique also favors internet positioning, if we take into account that it consists of managing quality links. For this reason, linking to third-party pages allows you to attract more traffic. Simply, you have to pay attention to the information that is shared so that the NAP (Network Access Point) is the same.


Obviously, this is a key positioning factor because it improves the authority and relevance of the business. If you have quality reviews that show the good product or service of the company, it will help to further optimize the website.

In short, half of Google searches are local. For this reason, most businesses don’t want to miss out on having an online presence to drive more traffic or customers to their business.

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