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Google Ads: 10 Tips To Improve Your Ad Management

Google Ads 10 Tips To Improve Your Ad Management

In this post we present some tips to optimize ad management and generate more sales opportunities for your company.

Google Ads (formally known as Google AdWords) is an essential tool to generate traffic to your website and increase sales. But for the visits generated, to be truly relevant to your business, you need to design, optimize and implement your ad campaign properly.

Below I am going to share 10 tips that you can apply to improve the management of your ads in Google Ads.

Tip #1: Define A Clear Goal

Thinking and defining objectives is an essential part of the job. When we configure a campaign, it is necessary to define a goal and set a metric that allows us to assess whether or not we achieve it. The goal could be to increase a list of blog subscribers, resource downloads, or sales. The essential thing at this point is to be specific.

Tip #2: Split Structure For Campaigns And Ad Groups

Organizing campaigns and ad groups in a clear and simple way is key to keeping our account tidy. Google Ads allows us to have thousands of active campaigns, and overtime management becomes very difficult if we are not careful. It is necessary to adopt a nomenclature and an order that is functional for us and allows us to quickly identify each element.

Tip #3: Target Campaigns With Geographic Targeting

Google Ads location targeting allows you to show your ads in specific locations: countries, areas within a country, a distance around a location, or location groups, which can include places of interest, business locations, or tiered demographics.

Location targeting can help increase the ROI of your campaigns by allowing you to target advertising where the right customers will be and restrict it to areas where they won’t.

Tip #4: Use Keyword Planner

This tool is not always valued as it should be. The keyword planner allows us to find the most relevant keywords for our ads, exploring alternatives or terms associated with the initial keyword. In addition, it gives us information about the search volume, bid offers and level of competition.

For all this, it is always important to use the planner to verify that the selected keywords are competitive.

Tip #5: Add Negative Keywords

To have an accurate campaign, it is essential to decide where we do not want to target the ads. For that, negative keywords allow us to exclude search terms and help focus ads on the most relevant keywords for our target audience.

Tip #6: Add Extensions To Ads

Extensions allow us to add more lines of informative text to our ads, expanding it with additional information, which gives users more reasons to choose us. They usually significantly increase the click-through rate percentage and quality of an ad.

To maximize ad performance, Google decides which extensions to show based on each individual search. For this reason, we recommend using all relevant formats according to the objectives defined for the campaign. The most common formats include CTAs, contact and location information, links to sections of the website, or text.

Tip #7: Create Genuine And Attractive Texts

When writing the texts for the announcements, the following should be taken into account.

The messages must be focused on the benefits for the users. A person responds to an advertisement when it refers to their needs.

It is important that the texts are associated with the keywords. Users tend to engage with ads that appear to be more relevant to their searches.

It’s best to avoid generic language in ads, instead of using specific calls to action. Generic CTAs tend to generate less interaction with the ads.

It is recommended that the texts are not questions, but answers. Users turn to Google for answers, and ads with a question in the headline generally perform poorly.

Tip #8: Optimize The UX Experience Of The Landing Page

The UX experience on the landing page is decisive for the effectiveness of your ads. The landing page is the URL that users land on after clicking your ad and is analyzed by Google using a combination of automated systems and human evaluation.

The UX experience of the landing determines the ranking of the ad and, therefore, the CPC and the position in the ad auction. Our ads may be shown less frequently (or not at all) if they direct the user to websites that offer a low-quality user experience.

That is why we must be rigorous when designing our landing page. We recommend that you carefully read the basics of the landing page experience recommended by Google.

Tip #9: Do Not Stop Training

Google gives us several tools to learn and improve our ad management skills. One of them is the Google Ads online help. Another, very valuable, is its online academy: Academy for ads.

Academy for Ads is a free training program from Google that helps us develop advertising skills. Once we have registered, all your online courses can be accessed from any device and at any time. In addition, evaluations and certification can be carried out right there.

Tip #10: Generate Leads & Sales Opportunities

Ads allow you to quickly connect what your business has to offer with what your audience needs, generating more leads and sales opportunities. For this reason, SEM and the correct management of Google Ads have become a determining factor for the success of any digital marketing plan.

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