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We carry out a cutting edge Google My Business SEO service for our client GMB listings.

Our method & strategy is powerful, up to date, safe and very effective to enable client listings to rank in the Google My Business (GMB) 3 pack in the least time possible.

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For local business, being listed in the 3 pack on the 1st page of Google for the company’s main local search terms in like the holy grail. Being in the top 3 listings can be the difference to a business thriving or going bust if not in the top 3 listings.

The reason why being placed as one of the top 3 companies is so important, is because these are the listings that most people searching on Google contact, so these are the businesses that win the lions share of the business.

If your business listing is not in the top 3, you are missing out on a ton of leads, sales and income. Also, if you are not on the 1st page of the Google My Business listing in the Google Maps section for your main search terms, you won’t be getting any of the free valuable leads and traffic that Google can send you.

Stealth SEO Solutions is an Exeter SEO agency that specialises in Google My Business listing optimisation and rankings for its clients.

Why Choose Stealth SEO Solutions For Your GMB SEO

The owner of Stealth SEO Solutions is Chris Cantell. Chris is internationally well known in the SEO industry and has personally trained many SEO agencies worldwide through his SEO Agency Training Program. Chris has mentored these students to learn how to achieve the most powerful, safe and effective methods and ensure the very best ranking results for their clients.

Chris’s recognition as a world leader in SEO is seen in leading media publications such as Forbes, Inc and Entrepreneur (to name just a few).

Forbes Inc Entrepreneur

So, the answer to the questions, “Why Choose Stealth SEO Solutions For Your Google My Business SEO” is simple. Surely, you would select the most expert SEO if you really wanted to achieve the best results.

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How Do You Achieve Such Impressive Ranking Results In The GMB 3-Pack?

The actual strategy of how we are able to achieve such amazing ranking results in the Google My Business listings and in the GMB 3-pack is all down to our expert GMB SEO strategy and work method. Our attention to detail and application of accuracy combined with our own secret methods is what separates us from other SEO agencies.

Most SEO agencies use outdated methods to rank GMB listings. Google is constantly changing and evolving its algorithm so that it offers better results. Many / most SEO agencies don’t keep up with Google in this and they continue using methods that may have worked 2 years ago but are not anywhere near as effective or relevant for Google’s up to date algorithm.

Our methods we apply to achieve the results we deliver are secret. We are able to maintain an edge over other agencies by applying strategy that others don’t know about. If we were to publish our strategy, we would no longer have a unique edge as all our competition would do the same.

Our expert strategy is borne out of years of analysing Google’s patents and understanding their algorithm principles. This is what makes our service so impressive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Before Our GMB Listing Is Ranking On Google?▼

The time it takes to rank your Google My Business listing will vary depending on competition in your niche. High competition searches typically take longer to rank than lower competition search phrases.

Generally speaking, you can expect to see rank change after a few weeks. Typically, we start to see small changes in month 1 and an increase in momentum in month 2 and 3.

We aim to get your listing ranked in the GMB 3-pack. This can happen as soon as months 2 – 3. However, In more competitive sectors and searches, it can take between 3 – 6 months. However, the average is typically 3 – 4 months.

How Long Have You Been Doing Client SEO?▼

We have been providing client SEO services since 2010. Company director, Chris Cantell ranked his 1st client site back in 2010. A highly competitive industry in the centre of London. Within 3 months, that company was ranking on the 1st page of Google for multiple search terms.

Will We Be Locked In To A Contract?▼

We are aware that a lot of online marketing / SEO agencies do lock their unsuspecting clients in to long term contracts. The problem with those contracts is that once you are locked in, the SEO agencies often relax and then fail to deliver on their promises.

We do not lock you in to any contract. You can cancel at any time.

We feel that this is unethical, and we do not tie clients in to any such contract if they wish to engage us.

We work on the basis that next month’s engagement needs to be earned. You can therefore rest assured that we will work hard for you month after month.

However, we do recommend that you look at the longer term as it takes time and momentum for the effects of the SEO strategy campaign to kick in. A 6 month campaign is realistic to expect good ranking results.

Are There Any Additional Hidden Costs?▼

There are no hidden or additional costs. The cost given to you in our proposal is the only cost.

We Hired An SEO Agency That Failed To Rank Our GMB Listing. How Will Your Service Be Different?▼

We are aware that many SEO agencies struggle to achieve rank placement for their client GMB listings.

In our experience with training SEO agencies around the world, we have noticed that many SEO agencies don’t keep up to date with what Google is doing. Google change their algorithm frequently so that they can improve on delivering results for the people searching, and if these agencies don’t update their SEO methods, then their results will be limited.

We are continually testing and updating our approach and strategies so that we always remain cutting edge and are able to deliver outstanding ranking results.

Do You Outsource The SEO Work?▼

World renowned SEO expert and director of the company, Chris Cantell, caries out all technical and strategic SEO work. Our own staff work under Chris to the exact bespoke strategy that Chris has put together for your firm’s SEO.

We don’t outsource any of the SEO. Everything is done in house. However, we are aware that a lot of agencies either outsource to a cheap Indian outfit (for example), or hire a temporary low cost student to gain work experience.

We don’t believe that you would be satisfied with that. We surely wouldn’t! After all, a client that is paying a relatively large sum of money for a professional service would surely want the best staff working on their site.

Why Do Costs From Other Agencies Vary So Much?▼

Many people assume that all SEO company’s do the same job as if it were like stacking supermarket shelves. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some agencies might charge £90 per month. However, another agency might charge the same company £1,000 per month. The fact that the figures are so different shows that the £90 per month agency is not going to deliver anywhere near the same as the £1,000 per month agency for the same client.

We don’t aim to offer the lowest price and we are not interested in being a “cheap SEO agency”. Our costs are based on our clients work requirement. We are competitive in our offering, but our aim is to be transparent and for the client to be assured that they are getting great value.

You Are Based In Exeter & We Are Based In Dallas. Does This Matter?▼

We carry out SEO for businesses worldwide. Many of our clients are based in London and other UK cities. Also, we have a large client base in the US. There is no geographical barrier to working on a client site anywhere in the world. We deliver the same remarkable results wherever the business might be, whether it is in Devon, London, Texas or California.

Client Testimonials

We are proud of the results we achieve for our clients. Our clients appreciate all that we do. In fact, we have an impressive number of testimonials that we have received from many of those clients.

If you want to see what just some of our clients think about our service and our ability to rank websites, GMB listings and to drive valuable leads, then please click on the Testimonial button below.

SEO Case Study

In addition to the amazing testimonies, we have also published an in depth client case study. The study is about a client that came to us to rank their website. The reason why we are studying this client SEO project is because our approach is different to what virtually every other online marketing agency in Exeter or anywhere else for that matter, would have advised. The case study isn’t a GMB listing study. However, it is a study that shows our expertise in the field of ranking client listings on Google.

You can see the stunning results that were achieved in this remarkable execution of SEO expertise.

Click the button below to view the case study.

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