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Difference Between SEO And SEM

What Is The Difference Between SEO And SEM

In digital marketing, web positioning is a priority in order to increase the visibility and sales of a company in the online market. Getting to appear in the first positions of the results pages or SERPs of Google allows you to reach a large number of users and achieve a very important position of privilege and leadership for companies.

In order for Google to place a website in the top positions of its ranking, it is necessary to apply SEO and SEM techniques, which optimize the site for search engines and use internet advertising tools.

The best way to achieve good web positioning by applying the best digital marketing strategies is to hire a professional SEO consultant who creates SEM campaigns and applies the appropriate SEO techniques for each project.

What is SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization encompasses a series of techniques that are aimed at optimizing a website for search engines, taking into account the different criteria and positioning factors.

Thanks to SEO, a website is placed in high positions in the Google ranking, attracting traffic to the site naturally (organic traffic).

What is SEM

When speaking of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) reference is made to the creation of paid advertising campaigns on the Internet to achieve greater visibility on platforms such as Google or Facebook, among others. SEM advertising is based on two main modalities, pay per click (pay per click) and payment for impressions.

What Are The Differences Between SEO Or SEM?

Both SEO and SEM are techniques used to increase web traffic to a site so that it can increase its number of conversions (purchases or subscriptions) and achieve greater relevance in the virtual world.

Let’s see what the main differences between SEO and SEM are:

Time To Get Results

Getting results by applying SEO to a website or online store takes time. Positioning yourself naturally on Google is not a quick process, as it depends on many factors. For example, the frequency of blog posts or the updating of other content on the web is something that Google takes into account to position a site in better positions, so it takes time for it.

Therefore, SEO offers long-term results while SEM campaigns offer short-term results (as long as the set time lasts).

Investment Cost

The SEM model is usually more expensive than SEO, since you pay for each click or impression received, although it has the advantage that it guarantees 100% the visit or impression.

Tools to use

While multiple tools and platforms are used in SEO, such as Google Search Console, Analytics, Trends, Ahrefs and SEMrush (among many others), in SEM the basic tools are Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Keyword Planner.

To carry out a good SEM campaign, it is best to have the collaboration of a Google Ads specialist to be able to carry out a good segmentation and fully configure all the necessary parameters.

Type Of Traffic

The traffic that is attracted to the site with SEO is natural so it will last longer, while most of the traffic generated in SEM disappears once the campaign is over.

A combination of SEO and SEM is the ideal solution to be able to maximize the reach and conversions of a website. Both strategies use different techniques to attract traffic to a website, with results in the medium and long term with SEO, and in the short term with SEM.

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