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8 Tips For Writing Effective Google Ads

8 Tips For Writing Effective Google Ads

Google Ads are a great way to drive more traffic to your website and generate more sales. However, for them to be effective, it is important to write specific, relevant ad copy that converts.

In this post we share 8 recommendations to improve the writing of your ads for them to perform on Google Ads.

Tip #1: Choose Your Words Boldly

Google ads are strategically positioned: it’s impossible not to see them when you do a search. However, we do not always pay attention to what they say, and this is due in part to the fact that the text fails to capture our attention.

It is important to write the texts carefully, choosing the words well so that the titles are striking, stand out or invite you to click on the link. Sometimes, a “disruptive” or rarely used word can capture more attention.

Tip #2: Highlight What Makes You Unique

How do you add value to your customers? When writing an ad, prioritize the products, services, or offers that make you competitive. If you manage to highlight something that your competitors do not offer, you are more likely to capture the attention of your audience.

Tip #3: Facilitate Purchase Decisions

People often use Google search to make purchasing decisions. Help them by offering them the information they need to decide, such as price, exclusive features, or available discounts.

Tip #4: Provoke The Click Of The Users

It is key that the ads include a specific call to action (CTA), which leaves no doubt about what will happen if they click on the link. Are you selling a product? Tell people what they can “buy now”. Do you offer a service? Tell them how to contact your company to register it.

Some widely used CTAs are:

  • Buy Now
  • Call Right Now
  • Sign Up
  • Ask For A Quote
  • Write To Us
  • Download Now

In line with tip #1, you can also experiment with unconventional CTAs, such as “let’s chat”, “don’t click”, “download for a friend”, etc.

Tip #5: Play With Keywords

Keywords in the ad text indicate how relevant the ad is to what people are searching for. For example, if you’ve set “How To Get New Leads” as a key phrase, your ad headline could be some variation such as “Discover How To Get New Leads For Your Business”.

Tip #6: Be Consistent With What You Offer

This may seem obvious, but it’s not always the case: the page the ad links to must be 100% consistent with what the ad promises, and more generally, so must the website.

The opposite can be considered misleading by users, causing a very high bounce rate and damage to the brand’s reputation.

Tip #7: Think About Users Who Use Cell Phones

People who see your ads on a mobile probably want to know your location or call you. So, if you know that your target audience accesses your site mostly from mobile (this may not be the case), consider displaying your business location and phone number using location extensions and call extensions.

Tip #8: Create Different Creatives For Each Ad Group

Create different creatives for each ad group and use different messaging in each to see which performs best. Google Ads automatically rotates ads and shows the best performing ones more often.

Take note of the ones that don’t perform well, and tweak them to see which variations work best. This way you can check if a word or phrase has a different impact than expected.

Common Mistakes In Ad Copy

In order to ensure that all ads are of high quality, each ad must meet editorial and professional requirements. This means no extra spaces, mixed case, unclear URLs, and so on.

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